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Don’t push yourself down, just push the boundaries. Here is Prof. Soumyadeb Chowdhury’s (Prof. Soum, to his students) piece of advice to prospective students. Head of the TBS Education Center of Excellence on Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility, he is a multiple-time and student-favourite lecturer of TBS Education Summer School.

A former international student and expat himself – having studied in India, England, Scotland and, now working in France – Prof. Chowdhury believes students should open themselves to the world of possibilities and opportunities beyond their comfort zone […] The TBS Education Summer School provides students with all these opportunities to go beyond traditional classroom experiences and explore the world of possibilities.” The balance between academics, corporate experience as well as social and cultural visits is a key element in the program that allow students to upskill themselves on a personal and professional front.

Prof. Soum’s class, AI driven Sustainable Business Operation, covered how the interplay between AI and emerging technology trends, such as Blockchain or Metaverse, helps achieve Sustainability Development Goals from both business and society perspective. In each session, students greatly appreciated his class. How does Prof Soum’s course remain a fan-favourite? To quote him: Teaching is an art which requires creative act. Just like an artist, I as a teacher aim to select tools, methods, and interventions for creating facilitating conditions where students can learn and engage most effectively.” Two other important aspects of his teaching are taking into account students’ interest and needs in deciding some sessions content and, practice research informed teaching – “drawing from latest research and industry practitioners’ findings to provide students with a comprehensive and holistic understanding bridging the gap between theory and practice.”

Thank you to those students who dared to “Learn, Unlearn and Relearn” through this unique opportunity that is the TBS Education Summer School, where engaging in conversations and discussion with students [and professors] from different countries, cultural background, perspective and generation are just some of the highlights this program has to offer.  

summer school 2022