• Toulouse, Paris
  • English
  • Full Time

The TBS Winter School programs offer a variety of business and management courses in Paris, Toulouse, and Barcelona. Students can choose 1 course per destination.

Each module is worth 7 ECTS credits and includes 30 contact hours!

The academic content focuses on the European market and perspectives, a point of view particularly interesting to students (from anywhere in the world) wanting to understand or learn more about Europe’s diversity and complexity.


  • Opening Ceremony
  • Welcome Lunch
  • Team Building
  • Company Visits in Paris*
  • International Food Evening**
  • Visit to Versailles Palace*
  • Scenic Visit of Paris by Boat
  • Louvre Museum Visit in Paris*
  • Ice Skating in Grand Palais*
  • Farewell to Paris Only students and Goodbye Dinner


  • Welcome for Toulouse arrivals & Team Building
  • Welcome to Toulouse Cocktail for all students
  • Company Visit in Toulouse*
  • Guided Walking Tour of Toulouse
  • Visit to Medieval Castle of Carcassonne and local Vineyard* for Wine Tasting
  • Closing Ceremony
  • Toulouse Goodbye Dinner

*These activities may be subject to cancellation, in which case other activities will be proposed.
**Students are invited to bring food or drink from their own country

Toulouse Walking Tour
Picto Degradee Classement
Picto Degradee Diversity
Picto Degradee Terre
Picto Degradee Diploma
50,000 ALUMNI