The TBS Education benchmark for sustainable student events

Come and share experience, know-how and best practices for sustainable behavior during National Student Conference on Sustainable Development (ANEDD)!

anedd 2022 csr

The 17th Edition

On 6 and 7 December 2022, the ANEDD will take place on TBS Education’s premises:

  • new conferences with sustainable development experts,
  • an eco-forum to discuss the challenges and reality of sustainable development in today’s businesses,
  • a series of workshops to learn how to make things yourself and reduce your waste,
  • a stand-up routine on gender equality,
  • the traditional Eco-Awards, a competition that rewards innovative, useful, environmental or solidarity-oriented projects.

Participate in the ANEDD Eco-Awards

Do you have an idea for a useful, environmental or solidarity-driven project? Compete in the ANEDD Eco-awards and try to win €500! You have until 15 November 2022 to submit your projects!

The ANEDD, a pioneering event in sustainability

TBS Education is a pioneer in coordinating and building networks between student initiatives and the professional world. The National Student Conference on Sustainable Development (ANEDD) was launched in 2007 at TBS Education, at the initiative of the Bureau du Développement Durable (B3D [Office of Sustainable Development]) student association.

The ANEDD gave birth to REFEDD, the French Students’ Network for Sustainable Development. Today, this network brings together more than 100 French student associations devoted to sustainable development, based on a common charter. The aim of the annual ANEDD is to build meaningful bridges between the professional world and future graduates.

The event contributes to raising the profile of the students’ projects and that of the participating companies

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