Word from the Dean of Faculty

“Driven by our mission as a Business for Good, academic excellence and innovation, high-impact research and internationalisation are the main characteristics of TBS Education faculty members. Our priority is to develop the skills and performance of every member of our faculty.” 

Academic Quality & Innovation

Academic quality and teaching innovation are at the heart of the TBS Education strategy. In view of the latest economic, social and technological evolutions, pedagogical approaches have changed to provide agile and proficient training. This objective is shared by all TBS Education faculty members and supported by a department dedicated to teaching innovation, which organizes workshops, training and coaching sessions. Faculty members also experiment with the new learning spaces, which were designed around the needs of our students on the various TBS Education campuses.

Excellence in Research

TBS Education faculty members are organized in 6 laboratories : Accounting, Auditing & Control, Entrepreneurship & Strategy ; Finance, Economie & Econometrics ; Information, Operations et Decision Sciences ; Social & Innovation marketing ; Work, Employment and Health. They create and disseminate knowledge at the forefront of major contemporary challenges, through international academic publications, teaching undegraduate and executive education, and communicating to a wide audience (press, blog posts, professional conferences, etc.). TBS Education also encourages faculty members to focus on transdisciplinary strategic research themes, in particular those associated with our Centers of Excellence : Aeronautics and Space, AI and Business Analytics, and CSR and Sustainable Development.


As our campuses are located in dynamic business regions (Toulouse, Paris, Barcelona, Casablanca and London), TBS Education faculty members forge close links with local economic partners, notably through teaching or research chairs. Our professors aim to simultaneously have an impact on students thanks to innovative training programs, on the academic community by demonstrating thought leadership, and on companies and society through frequent interactions.

Our academic departments steer processes while targeting quality and pedagogic innovation in their disciplinary fields. They make sure research results and everyday company issues fuel academic content, both in initial training programs and in executive education.


Thanks our faculty members’ commitment to international academic networks, TBS Education has increased its international reputation and visibility, attracting an increasing number of international students and developing new agreements with partners worldwide. Most of the faculty members recruited over the last ten years both at the junior and senior levels come from prestigious international universities, where they have acquired outstanding experience.

servane delanoe gueguen dean of faculty tbs education