The projects incubated at TBSeeds are competing internationally within the Babson Collaborative Entrepreneurship. TBS Education is a member of Babson Collaborative Entrepreneurship Education, founded and sponsored by Babson College (a private business school based in Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA). This global network brings together higher education institutions recognized for their expertise in entrepreneurship education.

Success Stories

👉🏼 In 2020, Mondin (presented by students Rodolphe Mondin and Julien Houssiaux, bachelor year 3) was incubated at TBSeeds and it won the Global Student Challenge* competition. This annual competition rewards student whose entrepreneurial projects are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

👉🏼 In 2021, three projects incubated at TBSeeds were selected for the BABSON prize and TBS Education was the only French establishment in the running! This international competition brought together 875 students and 215 projects from 16 countries! The project leaders were notably coached by two professors from the strategy and entrepreneurship department of TBS Education: Servane Delanoë-Gueguen and Christina Theodoraki.

  • Luna: project led by 3 students from the Bachelor program (Indiana Henry, Ouiam Hamidi and Nathan Graziol) for the creation of eco-responsible and fully customizable feminine handbags. Luna responds to the need to change the way of consuming in a world where fast fashion is king. The business plan is based on their desire to reduce the carbon footprint, from manufacturing to transporting goods.
  • Sportfluent fosters sponsorships making them accessible to as many people as possible. The aim is to enable athletes in France and elsewhere to live their passion to the fullest. This project was led by a mixed team to promote top athletes.

“Discrimination is still present in most sports. Some athletes have lower salaries, fewer sponsors, more tenuous contracts and little or no media attention. Many brands and companies hire athletes to promote their products, but not everyone has the same chance and opportunity to be sponsored. By connecting athletes and sponsors, we want to give the athlete the opportunity to realize their dreams as well as alleviate the work of companies which are in constant search for new images for their products and services.

  • Medily (Diakha SYLLA, Arnaud THIVEND-VIALLE and Mahé SALTEL) is a digital project that aims to facilitate the connection of patients and good-willed volunteers. The aim is to promote well-being and exchanges in all stages of the disease. The playful aspect is essential because the game stimulates mental health. The platform will therefore include quizzes, podcasts as well as explanatory videos, and a messaging space. Medily will also offer psychological support to help the patient before, during and after their diagnosis. It is an alternative to discussion groups and associations since everyone will have individual help at their fingertips thanks to a website and a mobile application. Medily promotes solidarity and well-being by creating connections. The tool seeks to redesign therapeutic education making it accessible to everyone.

    Medily won second place in the Global Student Challenge, Masters category!

*Launched in 2014, the Global Student Challenge is an annual competition run by the Chartered Institute of Building that offers students the opportunity to apply their learned knowledge to a real-life scenarios which simulate what it would mean to run their own virtual construction business!

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