Through research with a societal impact, TBS Education trains diverse, open and enlightened learners, who will contribute to the development of a responsible and sustainable economy within their organizations. This is TBS Education’s fundamental purpose – a Business for Good since 2022.

In 2021, the transformation of TBS Education’s status into a Business for Good was launched.

In 2022, TBS Education became a Business for Good following a major project involving all the school’s stakeholders: students, alumni, professors, company employees, board of directors, and regional participants.

TBS Education trains future international decision-makers who are collaborative, agile and responsible.

  • Collaborative, through the prioritising of management practices based on collective intelligence.
  • Agile, through the global integration of learning related to artificial intelligence and its variations (big data, machine learning, etc) in order to shed light on the resulting new decision-making processes.
  • Responsible, through investment in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development in order to promote the critical distance needed in relation to decision-making impact.



As an international business school, TBS Education is a model of best practices, renowned for its innovation and its strong and positive contribution to its community, organisations and society as a whole. This is the fruit of the excellence of our research teams, their teachings and commitment. We aim to:

  • Inspire students and learners by offering them the best student experience and innovative pedagogy.
  • Affirm a point of view in the face of major societal issues, by integrating major issues such as sustainable development, artificial intelligence and innovation management.
  • Enable students and learners to achieve professional fulfillment and be attractive on the job market in France, in our campus countries, and worldwide.
  • Offer courses of excellence with strong and distinctive added value, a multicultural vision and a unique student experience •Remain firmly and truly connected to our network of business and alumni


TBS Education is proud to have been one of the first French based international business schools to become triply accredited (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA). The school has successfully obtained its full EQUIS re-accreditation 3 times in a row, each time for the maximum 5-year period. TBS Education has also obtained, across all diplomas and degrees, the validation of the French Ministry of Higher Education. And last but not least, our student selection at the start of the program, the academic quality of our professors and the constant development of TBS  Education’s research production (publications in Peer Reviewed Journals) vouches for the academic excellence of our school.

Openness is synonymous with curiosity, tolerance, critical thinking, high standards and mutual enrichment. TBS Education encourages respect for opinions, the singularity of courses and career paths, contradictory debate in our teaching, and the multiplicity of experiences (notably through community service, international courses, multi-campus projects, double degrees, conferences, support, and events).

TBS Education encourages its students to be engaged – in their studies, in the school and in the community’s causes, to rise to challenges, to think outside the box, to question conventional ideas and conformity.  We teach our learners to take risks and to be critical thinkers – with boldness but without arrogance. The range of possibilities we offer to aspiring entrepreneurs vouches for our commitment to this value.

TBS Education aims to train managers who will be able to successfully lead organizations in an increasingly uncertain and complex world. The multitude of projects carried out by the students, and the commitment they must demonstrate in contact with professors, business and other students, make it possible to advance in this manner. Student agility is further stimulated via innovating teaching methods to further reinforce personal implication and commitment.

TBS Education uses the notion of responsibility in all its pedagogical methods and launches multiple actions to create student awareness for CSR and sustainable development. TBS Education has hired a specific coordinator to animate all activities that revolve around these aspects. We’ve also established an academic CSR working group, which unites the heads of our Academic Departments as well as expert professors to define teaching topics and projects in this area. We’ve also created a CSR/SD commitee, which meets up regularly.

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