In the French entrepreneurial arena, Qui Veut Être Mon Associé (QVEMA) is an essential springboard for entrepreneurs looking to give their project a significant boost. One of the participants was at the TBSeeds incubator and another was an alumni!

Coach and TBS Education alumni

Among the programme’s team, the famous Startup Coach, Aram Attar, is a TBS Education alumni.

A 2023 graduate of the Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA), specialising in entrepreneurship, he defended his thesis “How Do Entrepreneurs Manage Their Mental Health?” at the same time as the QVEMA programme.

TBSeeds: a star seed at QVMA

The programme will take a particularly interesting turn for the TBS Education community as Brice Cavelier, a former TBSeeds incubatee, will appear on the show to present UpFiner.

UpFiner is a brand of nomadic safe with theft detection and alarm, manufactured in the Occitanie region of France, for securing valuables during travel and/or activities.

One question remains: will Brice be able to convince the show’s seven seasoned investors?

Join us on 21 February, at 9.10pm on M6, to find out the answer and support Brice in his entrepreneurial adventure!


Since 2012, 173 projects have been supported by our TBSeeds incubator!

This synergy between quality education and an accessible entrepreneurial ecosystem makes TBS Education a fertile ground for launching and developing innovative projects.

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