The TBS Entrepreneurship & Strategy Research lab conducts academic research in the field of business strategy, focusing on four main themes:


The (regional) development of entrepreneurship

Business creation and entrepreneurial strategies
Management of SMEs, entrepreneurial groups, business ecosystems, regional networks and competitiveness clusters
Entrepreneurship as a tool for regional development
Training and support for entrepreneurs
Structures and dynamics of entrepreneurial ecosystems
Business development
Tools and practices for entrepreneurship – entrepreneurial support and management of support structures


Innovation strategies & pathways

Business model innovation
Product-service innovation
Innovativeness and innovative idea generation & selection
New innovation venues (e.g., fablabs, ‘third places’)
Innovation in specific contexts (SMEs, aerospace industry)
Management of technological knowledge and intellectual property (e.g., patents)
Structure of innovative industries
Public innovation


Analysis of internationalization strategies

Internationalization strategies, entry modes, new forms for internationalizing
Institutions and international business (e.g., lobbying)
Impact of government regulation on internationalization strategies
International market persistence
Internationalization strategies of firms operating in emerging countries
Internationalization and performance


Strategy in practice

Corporate Governance
Impact of ownership structures on business strategies
Strategies for mergers and acquisition
Strategies of public, para-public and hybrid organizations (e.g., incubators, business accelerators)

Dr Andrew BARRON (HDR)
Business-government relations, corporate political strategies at the EU level, Europeanisation and its impact on business strategies.

Dr Martine BOUTARY (HDR)
SME, internationalization, internationalization of SMEs operating in emerging countries, offshoring practices.

Dr Louise CURRAN (HDR)
International trade practices, European business policy, relations between China and the E.U, relations between India and the E.U, foreign direct investments (FDI).

Entrepreneurial practices, nascent entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial intention, entrepreneurial ecosystems, entrepreneurial learning, support for business creation.

Dr Victor DOS SANTOS PAULINO (HDR) – Head of SIRIUS chair
Innovation strategies, industry structure, innovation trajectories within industries, aerospace sector.

Juliane Engsig 400x400 1

Dr Juliane ENGSIG
International Business, International alliance formation, Distances, Partner location.

Dr Christophe FAVOREU (HDR)
Public performance management, strategies of public organizations, local public management, public innovation.

Relation between internationalization and innovation, marketing strategies and strategies of internationalization of companies from/in emerging countries, internationalization of family businesses.


Dr Shirah FOY
Founder Identity in New and Established Firms, Entrepreneurship in Sociocultural Context, Innovation Management, Philosophy of Social Science

Dr Christian GNEKPE
Sources of internal and external technology, management of intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions.

Business ecosystems, SME management, team entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Impact of ownership structures on strategic choices, management of service companies, international strategy

Dr Stéphanie LAVIGNE
Corporate governance, impact of ownership structures on corporate strategy, financialization of strategies

Entrepreneurial development of SMEs, role models and entrepreneurial intention, entrepreneurial learning through practice, supporting and entrepreneurial ecosystem

Dr Christophe LEYRONAS
Development of business networks, clusters, business groups, business plan innovation.

Dr Amadou LÔ
Innovation management, business strategy, intrapreneurship, open innovation, collaborative venues and practices

Dr Yuliya SNIHUR (HDR)
Business strategy, business models, business model innovation, business creation and new business model design.

Magadalena Teissandier 400x400 1

Corporate Strategy, Internationalization process of SMEs, Global Value Chains dynamics, Industrial Evolution.

Entrepreneurial ecosystems, entrepreneurial support, business strategy, coopetition, support structures for entrepreneurship (incubator, Performance, ecosystems approach).

Entrepreneurship as a tool for territorial development, territorial servitization and local product-service innovation systems, product-service innovation (servitization), innovativeness and innovative idea generation & selection, international market persistence, intrapreneurship, ambidextrous strategic agility.

PHD Students :

  • Aveline CLOITRE
  • Philippe COULOMBEL
  • Evgeniya KARPOVICH
  • Oleksandra KOCHURA
  • André NANA
  • Waleed SHLEHA
  • Paola TESTA
  • Thibault BREMAUD
  • Gilbert FIALOR
  • Thuy PHAM
  • 7e PCRD (European Commission), Projet FINNOV Project (Financing Innovation), « The role of finance in growth, employment and competitiveness in Europe (SSH, 2007),
  • Partnerships : The Open University (UK), University of Cambridge (UK), Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (Italy), Polytechnic University of Marche  (Italy), Economics Institute (Czech Republic),  University of Bordeaux ( France), University of Sussex (UK).
  • NEKS Network, Knowledge sharing and cluster Development (Study on the formation and development of clusters formed by firms belonging to the knowledge economy). Coordinator: ASTER – Scienza Tecnologia Impresa (Italy). Participants: ALMAWEB, Italy, TBS (France), University of Durham (UK).
  • Economic Geography
  • Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
  • Entrepreneurship and Regional Development
  • European Management Journal
  • Industrial and Corporate Change
  • International Journal of Business
  • International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior and Research
  • International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development Finance Contrôle Stratégie
  • M@n@gement
  • Management International
  • Public Organization Review
  • Regional Studies Review
  • Revue Française de Gestion.

Seminars & Conferences

  • 18 November 2019 – Global Entrepreneurship Workshop: Advances in Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Research – avec Bernd WURTH. – Entrepreneurial ecosystem is one of the latest fads in entrepreneurship research with increasing interest for theory and practice. However, there is still a lack of understanding of what is an entrepreneurial ecosystem and how it can build successful entrepreneurial ecosystems. This event aims to bring together international researchers, experts and entrepreneurial ecosystem builders to shed light on the entrepreneurial ecosystem phenomenon in academia and shape futures directions of the research agenda.
  • 20 June 2019 – Nabil Khelil and Fabrice LUMINEAU, Purdue University: “The many faces of entrepreneurial failure: Insights from an empirical taxonomy”
  • 27 May 2019 – Research Symposium “Advances in strategy, entrepreneurship, and innovation research “
  • 16 May 2019 – Valeria DUPLAT, Assistant Professor of Strategy at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (SBE): “If it’s good enough for innovation, is it good enough for globalization? ” (ANNULÉ)
  • 21 March 2019 – Anne-Sophie FERNANDEZ, Associate Professor of Strategic Management and Audrey ROUYRE, PhD candidate in Strategic Management (University of Montpellier): “How to succeed in multi-partner competition projects for innovation? Evidence from Galileo” (ANNULÉ)
  • 13 December 2018 – Prof. Olga Belousova (University of Groningen, the Netherlands), Understanding Entrepreneurship in Difficult Markets: A Social System View on Developing Dynamic Capabilities
  • 23-25 October 2018 – International Congress on Entrepreneurship and SMEs
  • 8 October 2018 – Workshop “Law & Strategy” with Prof. David OROZCO, Florida State University
  • 15 March 2018 – Workshop “Contributions to business model logic from corporate incubators and accelerators: a cognitive perspective” with Prof. Dirk Schneckenberg, Rennes School of Business.
  • 29 September 2017 – Workshop “Actions speak louder than words: how framing and gesturing in entrepreneurial pitches influences potential investors” with Dr. Jean CLARKE, EM Lyon.
  • 25 May 2016 – Internal workshop with Marco Van Gelderen on “Founder anxieties, coping responses, and their development over time”.
  • 18 April 2016 – Internal workshop with Tomas Blomquist & Syujith Nair from Umea School of Business on “Business incubators : Designing for failure management”.
  • 14 April 2016 – Internal workshop with Timothy B.Folta on “Entrepreneurial Choices of Initial Human Capital Endowments and New Venture Success”.
  • 10 April 2015 – Visit from Prof Damien Talbot, Université de Bordeaux on the subject : “Relational rent and underperformance of pivotal firms in the aeronautical value chain”.
  • October 2015 – Workshop avec Florian Taube sur le thème :”Growth Management”.
  • 24 October 2014 – “How to get published in the best Management/Entrepreneurship Journal” seminar organised by Wadid Lamine.
  • 23 October 2014 – Conference on Incubation and Regional Development organised by Wadid Lamine.
  • 28 March 2014 – Workshop “Successive change in Industrial Leadership, Emergence of India as the current world leader in Computer and Information Services” with guest Sunil Mani, visiting professor.
  • 1 July 2012 – Workshop “Ecosystems and Networks” with guests  Thierry ISCKIA (Institut Mines-Télécom, Télécom Ecole de Management), Xavier PARISOT (ESC Troyes), Simone FERRIANI (Université de Bologne), Jérôme VICENTE (Université Toulouse 1 Capitole et Toulouse Business School).
  • 18 June 2012 – Workshop with Denis LACOSTE, Pierre BUIGUES et Yen LE THI.

Seminars & conferences 2020-2021

  • 29 September 2021 – Seminar with David Audretsch, Professor at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) at Indiana University, Editor-in-chief Small Business Economics and co-author of the article Democracy and Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. See the program ›
  • 29 – 30 June 2020 – Workshop Johan WIKLUND, Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University
  • 5 Octobre 2020 – Workshop Dr Llewellyn Thomas, Associate Professor at LaSalle Universitat Ramon Llull in Barcelona : Ecosystem Effects : Moving Beyong Consumption-side Compatible Offerings to Address Provision-side Operational Coordination



Christophe FAVOREU