Community involvement & networking

TBS Education is highly involved in the local community’s CSR approach, thanks to partnerships with a range of local companies, communities, associations… These partnerships actively seek to yield economic (job creation, contribution to local development, etc.), social (social cohesion, diversity, health, etc.) or environmental (mobility, circular economy, etc.) results.


Disability, climate, health, diversity… Discover our partnerships aimed at working towards a more desirable world:

Since 2017, TBS Education has been supporting the Ligue contre le cancer (League against cancer).

  • During the tobacco-free month, TBS Education gives employees the opportunity to take part in “Stop smoking” discussion groups presided over by a tobaccologist from the Ligue.
  • Our students are co-organizers of the Oncorun Toulouse, a race organized in support of the fight against cancer). They also organise a conference on cancer and returning to work, based on a study carried out by students of the Specialized Master’s in Health and Social Structures Management, which resulted in a report on the professional reintegration of employees suffering from cancer.
  • Our employees and students take part in the Pink October Run, in support of breast-cancer screening.
  • Our employees take part in various awareness-raising campaigns on tobacco and taste.
  • Our students can take part in the “Cancer and Employment” serious game during the ANEDD.

“L’Escabel” (a café run by a student association) aims to act as a meeting place that responds to certain needs among the local community’s residents.
Since its creation, TBS Education students have contributed to developing a cultural programme while involving other TBS Education associations, which come to the café and organise workshops and events for seniors: film-debate, bingo, museum visits, etc.

TBS Education is a partner of Pur Projet, an association to promote agroforestry, and tree planting in the agriculture and/or livestock breeding sector.
Since 2015, TBS Education has been planting a tree for each student who enrolls in the Bachelor’s programme as part of the “Women of the Rif” project in Morocco, in conjunction with the TBS Education Campus in Casablanca.
The partnership with Pur Projet also involves research seminars organized by TBS Education. Participants in seminars are given the opportunity to offset their travel costs through the funding of trees as part of a “Pur Projet” in the field of agroforestry.

Through its partnership with the A Croquer association, TBS Education promotes the concept of “eating well” by sourcing fresh local fruit on behalf of its employees.
For the purchase of each basket of fruit, one euro goes to planting trees as part of agroforestry projects in the Occitanie region, in order to “give something back to nature, which gives so generously to us”.
Awareness-raising workshops about eating more healthily and home-made food are also organized for staff.

TBS Education has set up a “responsible purchasing” process with GAREM (Consortium for responsible purchasing in the Midi Pyrénées) and Synethic. For each new call for tender, TBS Education includes social, economic and/or environmental criteria in its assessment grid.

TBS Education is a partner of the Adaptathon, a “marathon” of innovative activities organized by Ambition Toulouse Métropole. The aim of the event is to come up with new ideas and develop tangible solutions to help companies adapt their working environments to people with disabilities.

Since 2015, TBS Education and T3C (Toulouse Change Communication Conference) have been organizing discussions and debates focused on more effective and responsible communication:

  • Communication, transition and neurosciences: moving towards the end of advertising?
  • Faced with an advertising model that hinders transition, how can neurosciences design new, more responsible communication practices?

Our participation in SD & CSR networks

In 2015, TBS Education joined the Collective for the integration of social responsibility and sustainable development in Higher Education (CIRSES), a network that promotes the incorporation of social responsibility and sustainable development in higher education.
Patricia AUBLET, TBS Education’s Director of Societal Transition, is actively involved in CIRSES, which is at the origin of the SD & SR Label.

TBS Education is a signatory of CGE’s Charter for gender equality, which contributes to the deployment of a common policy in terms of gender equality.

In June 2020, the CGE published a white paper entitled “Egalité Femmes/hommes : de la déclaration d’intention à l’expérimentation[WH1] ” (Gender equality: from the declaration of intent to experimentation) with 2 contributions from TBS:

TBS Education has participated in the Midi-Pyrénées regional sustainable development network since its creation, as part of the Federal University of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées.

TBS Education Alumni who are committed to sustainable development

The TBS Education Alumni’s Sustainable Development/CSR chapter has more than 940 members and is contributing to the transformation of our society. Its members meet every month to continue exchanging ideas and learning together.

Celia Favre, Programme Grande École, promotion 2018. Co-fondatrice de Umaï, cosmétiques 100% biodégradables


Co-founder of Umaï, biodegradable cosmetics.
Master in Management, promotion 2018



Founder of MIEUX, Expert CSR communication agency. Creator of the No Impact Week.
Master in Management, promotion 2015

Camille Le Gal

Camille LE GAL

Co-founder of Fairly Made, a company for eco-friendly sourcing.
Master in Management, promotion 2016

Antoine Richard


CEO of Double Sens, a sustainable tourism agency
Master in Management, promotion 2004

Francois Cassayre


CEO of Hemera Technologies, who developed COVID-19 consultation rooms.
Master in Management, promotion 2019



Founder of Hopaal, recycled clothing.
Master in Management, promotion 2017

Antoine Miche France Ecologie Football

Antoine MICHE

President of Football Ecologie France, which accompanies eco-friendly evolution
Master in Management, promotion 2007


Antoine ROUX

Founder of Print O’clock, a committed printing agency.
Master in Management, promotion 1999

Amandine Pillot

Amandine PILLOT

Political Handicap Consultant for Atout-CaP
Master in Management, promotion 2007



Vegetable garden Pole leader for the Jardins de Chambord
Master in Management, promotion 2013

Social Responsibility