The Research Ethics Committee of TBS Education Research Centre is a body that ensures all research conducted under the auspices of TBS Education adheres to the highest ethical standards, safeguarding the rights, dignity, and well-being of research participants. It provides its opinion on any research protocol involving a researcher from the school.

Committee calendar

  • Deadline for submission of files 7/2/2024 for committee meeting of 21/3/2024
  • Deadline for submission of files 7/3/2024 for committee meeting of 25/4/2024
  • Deadline for submission of files 7/4/2024 for committee meeting of 23/5/2024
  • Deadline for submission of files 7/5/2023 for committee meeting of 27/6/2024

Submission Form to the Ethics Committee

The TBS Education Ethics Committee (TBS EEC) examines the research protocols carried out under the responsibility of a TBS Education researcher.


  • Wafa KHLIF (Head), Head of the Accounting, Auditing & Control research laboratory
  • Christophe FAVOREU, Head of the Entrepreneurship & Strategies research laboratory
  • Anne VANHEMS, Head of the Information, Operations and Decision Sciences research laboratory
  • Pierre MELLA-BARRAL, Head of the Finance, Economics & Econometrics research laboratory
  • Linda HAMDI KIDAR, Head of the Social & Innovation Marketing research laboratory
  • Alain KLARSFELD, Head of the Labor, Employment & Health research laboratory
  • Sylvain BOURJADE, Head of the Aeronautics & Space Center of Excellence
  • Kévin CARILLO, Head of the Artificial Intelligence & Business Analytics Center of Excellence
  • Soumyadeb CHOWDHURY, Head of the CSR & Sustainable Development Center of Excellence


TBS Education researchers in need of an ethical assessment or an Institutional Review Board (IRB) number for their research project may consider one of the following alternatives:

Option 1: Research Ethics Committee at Toulouse University

Directly contact the Research Ethics Committee at Toulouse University by using the following information available at:

Option 2: The Ethics Committee at TBS Education

Contact the TBS Education Ethics Committee (TBS EEC) directly by submitting an application for ethical approval of a Social Science Research project.

This committee comprises all the research lab heads, centers of excellence heads, and chair heads.

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