From conviction to action!

The commitment to Sustainable Development & Corporate Social Responsibility is also part of TBS Education’s student associations! All our student associations are sensitive to the issues of ecological and societal transition.

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A CSR manager in all our student associations

Each TBS Education student association appoints a CSR manager in charge of implementing our CSR policy in the association’s activities. These managers receive training provided by TBS Education’s Societal Transition Department in collaboration with the B3D Student Association: waste treatment, responsible purchasing, use of eco-friendly cups at events, combating harassment, accessibility, etc. They are also invited to do a training course on Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Assessment provided by Avenir Climatique.

The Federation of Student Associations

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The Federation has been coordinating the activities of TBS Education’s associations for more than 10 years and integrated SD/CSR into its operations at a very early stage. Its auditing committee, which is responsible for examining subsidy applications, ensures that a certain number of criteria are respected at the events organized by the various associations: use of responsible service providers, gender parity in the organizing team, choice of venue and transport arrangements aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of the event, waste recycling, etc.

Our SD & CSR Student Associations


The Sustainable Development Office (B3D) aims to raise awareness of Sustainable Development issues among students and the general public through a range of actions:

  • The National Student Conference on Sustainable Development (ANEDD): initiatedby TBS Education in 2007, this annual event is an open dialogue between students from business schools, engineering schools and universities, and business corporations.
  • Organic & Fairtrade products
  • On-Campus actions
  • Social and territorial action
  • Communication & Events

The Office for Humanitarian Aid (BDH) develops actions aimed at combating inequalities through five core initiatives:

  • Art en Marge, a project that helps homeless people through art
  • Réfugi’Aide, an initiative that provides refugees with legal aid
  • Human’Act, a project that organises international missions
  • MoringaWays, an initiative that supports the social and economic development of a village in Burkina Faso
  • Rallye Solidaire, a solidarity-oriented adventure across Europe
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Cheer Up! aims to help young people (aged 15 to 29) who have cancer to fulfil their personal projects. Our student association organises events to raise awareness about cancer:

  • My Blood for Others, the largest blood collection campaign in Europe
  • A special week for TBS Education students, devoted to the fight against cancer
  • Into the Ride, the “Amazing Race” against cancer! An adventure where young cancer patients are sponsored by students. The young patients set their team challenges and immerse themselves in the race from their hospital thanks to virtual reality!
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PRISM works to promote the rights of minorities and places the fight against discrimination at the heart of its actions. The association is divided into 4 units:

  • Events: organisation of conferences, film-debates, thematic evenings, special days and weeks and other awareness-raising events
  • Awareness-raising: use of digital tools and communication to create informative, militant content
  • Partnerships: search for funds and partners for various collaborative actions
  • Communication: disseminating content and promoting events. This unit works in collaboration with all the other units