• Toulouse, Paris, Barcelona, Casablanca
  • English, French
  • €36,900 for the entire 3-year period
  • Full Time

Customize your international experience

The TBS Education Bachelor in Management program includes a semester of international exchange. Studying abroad will enable you not only to learn and master languages, but also to develop an international perspective that will be highly valued as part of your resume.

A prestigious international network

Study in up to 4 locations!

The ability to work in multicultural environments will be a distinguishing factor when you enter the world of international business. During the three years of the Bachelor in Management program you can study in up to four potential locations: Toulouse campus, Paris campus, Barcelona campus, Casablanca campus or in one of our university partner – We have more than 120 international exchange agreements.

Study abroad is compulsory for all students, except for international students who may opt to stay at one of the TBS Education campuses.

A highly international bachelor program

You can choose among several language itineraries to study the Bachelor in Management degree: in Toulouse, Paris and Casablanca, you can choose between the French and English tracks; in Barcelona, you can study the first year of the Bachelor in the Spanish or English track, while the next two years of courses are in English.

On the TBS Education campuses, you will meet Bachelor students from more than 88 different countries.

Knowing how to work in multicultural environments is a key skill in an increasingly globalized professional world. Moreover, sharing your day-to-day experiences with people from around the world is a very enriching experience on a personal level.

If you begin the Bachelor in Management on the Toulouse campus, you can immerse yourself in French culture and experience one of the most vibrant student cities in France with your fellow students.
On the other hand, on the Barcelona campus, more than 60% of Bachelor students are international (not Spanish or French), so you will have a multicultural experience in the classrooms.

  • Learn 2 languages from the first year onwards: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, English and, in Toulouse only, Italian.
  • At the start of the course, a language test is conducted to assign students to their corresponding level.
  • Practising English, Spanish or French in class will help you improve your level if you are not a native speaker.

In the third year of the Bachelor in Management program, students have the opportunity to choose the international itinerary which will allow them to complete their third academic a partner universities.

With our global partnerships TBS Education has the pleasure to welcome many international students that will study along side you in the classroom. This international dynamic provides an added value to hands-on learning and working in multinational groups. Over 25% of our student population is international.

We have an international teaching staff and welcome visiting professors throughout the year.