TBS Education offers two doctoral programs:

  • The PhD degree is designed for students who aim to become teachers and researchers
  • The DBA degree is a doctoral degree for managers and executives who already have significant working experience in companies.

General presentation

TBS Education is one of the rare French business schools to associate with a Doctoral Management School, in our case the TSM Ecole Doctorale Sciences de Gestion of the Toulouse 1 Capitole University. In this context, we offer our Master in Management students the opportunity to first obtain a double degree as Master of Science & Master in Management, which then allows them to start working on a doctoral thesis.

To supervise your thesis, a large number of TBS Education professors hold the French HDR degree (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches). The TBS Education HDR professors can also supervise theses from the Doctoral School of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Ecole Doctorale Aéronautique et Astronautique), another doctoral school that belongs to the Toulouse University.

What is a doctoral degree ?

A doctoral degree is one of the highest university degrees in France. It allows you to obtain eight years of training after high school, as thesis work generally requires three years.

You’ll find more information about the doctoral program at the Doctoral School of Management Science of Toulouse 1 Capitole University following the link below:

Why take a doctoral degree?

  • The TBS Education Doctoral Program trains students in research practices so they can establish a thesis in order to become teachers, researchers, high-level consultants or executive managers in international institutions.
  • The program also trainsFormer par la recherche en exerçant les étudiants aux démarches scientifiques. Ces démarches sont utilisées non seulement dans le domaine de la recherche académique, mais également dans la recherche appliquée mise en œuvre par les cabinets de consultants, les sociétés d’études, les banques, les institutions internationales, les organismes publics.

Required qualities

  • Solid basis knowledge in Management
  • High work capacity
  • Personal aptitude: curiosity, openmindedness, analysis and synthesis skills…
  • High interest in research and teaching

Career opportunities

  • Research and teaching
  • Consulting and research companies, banking sector

TBS Education Professors with the HDR Degree

  • AL ARISS Akram – Human Resources Management
  • ALCOUFFE Simon – Accounting, Control, Audit
  • BARRON Andrew – International Marketing
  • BERTRANDIAS Laurent – Marketing – Consumer Behavior
  • BOITIER Marie – Accounting, Control, Audit
  • BOURJADE Sylvain – Finance
  • BOUTARY Martine – Strategy
  • CANTA Chiara – Economics
  • CARILLO Kevin – Information technology
  • CURRAN Louise – Strategy
  • DECAUDIN Jean-Marc – Marketing
  • DIGOUT Jacques – Marketing
  • DOS SANTOS PAULINO Victor – Space Industry Marketing
  • GERMAIN Laurent – Finance
  • FAVOREU Christophe – Entrepreneurship & strategy
  • FOSSO WAMBA Samuel – Information systems – Big Data
  • KHLIF Wafa – Accounting, Control, Audit
  • KLARSFELD Alain – Human Resources Management
  • LACOSTE Denis – Strategy
  • LAFFORGUE Gilles – Finance
  • LAVIOLETTE Eric Mickaël – Company strategy
  • MALAVAL Philippe – Marketing
  • MITRAILLE Sébastien – Industrial Organisation
  • RIVIERE Anne – Discourse and systems of management control during organisational and social change
  • ROUGE Luc – Non-renewable resources and long-term environmental policies
  • SNIHUR Yuliya – Business Models
  • STOLIN David – Corporate Governance
  • VANHEMS Anne – Statistics and Econometrics

For more information

For more information on the Doctoral School, admission requirements, selection processes, study programs, practical details and thesis funding possibilities or to submit your application, please contact:
Pascale BUENO MERINO – Director of Research
Research Department – recherche@tbs-education.fr

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