In a strategic move to strengthen its teams, TBS Education is announcing the creation of Pre-Experience Department, headed by Anne Rivière, accompanied by Jean-François Salies as Director of Pre-Experience Department.

For Stéphanie Lavigne, Dean & Director General of TBS Education, “the new Pre-Experience Department is excellent news for our Bachelor in Management, Master in Management, Master of Science and DCG-DSCG programmes. With the creation of this programme-focused department, we want to strengthen the visibility of TBS Education by coordinating practices and pooling resources.”

A consolidated structure with the Pre-Experience Department

Anne Rivière and Jean-François Salies, who have been with TBS Education for 19 and 24 years respectively, held the positions of Director and Deputy Director of the Master in Management Programme and Master of Sciences until February. Anne Rivière, who is now Director of the Pre-Experience programme, shares her enthusiasm: “I’m proud to be continuing the collective drive to increase the visibility and attractiveness of our programmes, both in France and internationally. It will be a great challenge to write a new chapter together for the future students of TBS Education.”

Jean-François Salies, Director of Operations for Pre-Experience Department, added: “After many years of service to the Master in Management programme, and in particular the last four working alongside Anne Rivière, it is a great honour to accompany her in this new challenge for Pre-Experience Department. With Patricia Bournet and Miguel Urdanoz, we will form a solid team capable of providing students with the best possible support in all our programmes.”

Ranked 10th in the 2024 list of post-prep business schools by Le Point last February, TBS Education has structured and strengthened its teams to offer courses that meet the ever-increasing expectations of learners and maintain a high level of quality.

Key figures in TBS Education for over 10 years

Miguel Urdanoz, the new Master of Management Director, holds a doctorate in economics from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris and the Toulouse School of Economics. He joined TBS Education in 2010 as a professor of industrial organisation, logistics and technology. Committed to his academic department and to the school, he was Head of the Industrial Organisation, Logistics and Technology Department for six years.

Miguel Urdanoz will continue the work initiated by his predecessor, Anne Rivière, by focusing on the academic excellence of the Master in Management Programme.

Miguel Urdanoz says: “It is an honour to become Director of the Master in Management, and I am fortunate to be doing so alongside Anne and the entire school team. The duality of my origins and my deep attachment to Toulouse fully embody the identity of our school, both local and international, in the service of diversity and inclusion.

Patricia Bournet is now extending her responsibilities to international recruitment for initial training programmes, after a decade of dedicated involvement with the school. “I’m delighted to be contributing to the international development of the school that I know so well, and to bring my added value in terms of multicampus and intercultural management.

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