The Financial Times has published its annual ranking of the world’s top 100 Executive MBAs. This year, TBS Education’s Global Executive MBA moved up 12 places, confirming its growth momentum and ranking 62nd.

Rising to the top of the world’s 100 Executive MBA rankings

Every year, the Financial Times ranks the world’s top 100 Executive MBAs. To build this top 100, the British media, widely consulted throughout the world, relies mainly on several criteria linked to the careers of graduates, but also to the course itself. Alumni are interviewed three years after completing their course, on criteria such as professional integration, career development and international mobility, as well as the faculty’s academic level, degree of internationalization and feminization.

This trajectory towards the top of the rankings is similar to that of TBS Education’s Master in Management, which is ranked 37th (+12 places) in the FT 2023 published on September 11.

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Global Executive MBA 2023 Graduation Ceremony

What are the results for TBS Education?

Last year, TBS Education’s Global EMBA had already moved up 11 places in the rankings. This program combines efficiency and employability, enabling students to choose an expert career path in Strategic Management or Aerospace Management. This year’s challenge was to confirm this progress. Mission accomplished for the Toulouse-based management school, which has climbed to the top of the French rankings.

TBS Education’s Global Executive MBA stands out on several criteria, including:

  • Recognition of the academic excellence of the faculty (5th in France for the excellence of its teaching staff);
  • Diversity and potential for hosting international learners (6th in the world for the gender balance of its faculty);
  • CSR results (carbon footprint and parity, 12th worldwide).

Nationally, the TBS Education Global EMBA ranks 9th among the best EMBAs.

”The Global Executive MBA has been designed to meet current and future business challenges, providing participants with a set of technical and managerial skills to meet the greatest challenges in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. ATR is proud to be a partner, and to contribute in this way to stimulating the emergence of talents who are committed to profoundly transforming our industry, making it even more responsible and innovative.”

Nathalie Tarnaud Laude – Executive Chairman, ATR

”Since its very creation and once again, the Global Executive MBA of TBS Education has climbed in the Financial Times ranking. Achieving consecutive years of recognition by an organization as prestigious as the FT, is undeniably the mark of sustained efforts and an international level of educational quality. TBS Education has established itself among the best business schools in the world and enters the big league. Having been involved with TBS Education, following its progress over the years and currently the Godfather of its current promotion (P21), I am particularly proud of this achievement.”

Dr. Mohamed El-Boraï – President, Reliance Aerospace Solutions – Godfather of the promotion 21

”We are proud of our GEMBA’s 12-place rise in the world rankings. This success goes beyond academic excellence: it embodies our commitment to diversity, both of our faculty and of our learners. Our teaching, which is largely based on real-life situations, reinforces the high-level global experience. At TBS Education, we also embrace strong environmental, social and governance initiatives, ensuring that learning is both innovative and responsible.”

Stéphanie Lavigne – Dean of TBS Education
gemba ft 2023 alumni