Which business schools stand out in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? ChooseMyCompany published its HappyIndex® AtSchool CSR Ranking which studies the CSR impact and the integration of sustainable development in the strategy of the schools. Our school has achieved 4th place in this ranking of French business schools.


A pioneer in this field and holder of the SD&CSR (Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility) label, TBS Education has been involved in the fields of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility since 2007.

Our school became a mission-driven company in 2021. Our vision is now enshrined in our charter and reflects our social, societal, and environmental commitments to a more sustainable and responsible economy that underpins a positive society.

“Through research with societal impact, TBS Education trains a diversity of open-minded actors who will be able to contribute to a responsible and sustainable economy within their own organizations.” – TBS Education’s vision

Taking fourth place in the HappyIndex® AtSchool CSR ranking is a strong endorsement of our school’s commitment to these issues.

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A total of 43,795 students from 860 schools, universities and CFA apprentice training centers were interviewed for this major HappyIndex®AtSchool 2022 ChooseMyCompany survey. Of the 20 questions in the HappyIndex®AtSchool questionnaire, 7 questions deal directly with CSR issues and cover the following aspects:

  • Students are environmentally aware
  • The school is committed to a green approach
  • Societal and environmental issues are integrated into the teaching
  • In my school, behavior is exemplary
  • The school reflects the diversity of the society in which we live
  • The school seeks to develop a network of partner companies that wish to have a positive impact on the environment and/or society
  • The school prepares students to have a positive impact on the world of tomorrow

This special CSR ranking focused on scoring these 7 questions to create a specific index.

National Student Conference on Sustainable Development 2022

For this 17th edition of the National Student Conference on Sustainable Development (ANEDD), on Tuesday, December 6 and Wednesday, December 7, 2022, the topic chosen is “CSR: how to act in business? Come and meet our committed graduates!”

The objective of this event is to help students discover how companies incorporate social and environmental issues into their organization and decision-making.

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