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TBS offers innovative teaching methods to help students acquire skills and competences at the cutting edge of today’s economic, social and technological transformation. Every year, new institutional projects are implemented and the best innovative projects receive an award.

7 Academic Departments

Tbs Dep Compta En
Tbs Dep Indus En
Tbs Dep Si En
Tbs Dep Eco En
Tbs Droit Rh En
Tbs Departement Marketing
Tbs Dep Entrepreneuriat En


TBS research projects generate knowledge at the cutting edge of today’s big economic, technological, social and environmental challenges. Our research is either conducted internally or in partnerships with companies and institutions and is well-know for its academic rigor and its direct link to the world of business and management.

5 Research Labs

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TBS Research Social Innovation Marketing
Tbs Lab Entrepreneuriat En
Tbs Lab Travail En
Tbs Lab Finance En

Teaching & Research Chairs

Tbs Logo Cluster Aerospace

Aerospace & Mobility

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AI & Business Analytics

Research Projects & Partnerships

TBS consistently works together with companies and institutions who use our expert skills in research to move forward in their field. Below you’ll find some examples :