TBS Education International Student Orientation & Welcome Days

International Student Orientation kickstarts the academic semester. Each of TBS Education campuses organize a trans-program event to provide international students with information critical to a successful semester or year abroad. TBS Education aims to meet the needs of international students, academically, culturally as well as personally. The first few weeks at TBS are dedicated to your social integration and academic orientation.

Presentations, workshops and more!

International Student Orientation includes presentations by program management, practical workshops for administrative formalities, information about your courses, and more… This also gives international students the chance to learn about life at TBS Education and meet other students both local and international.

Making sure you feel welcome

Students are provided with important information about living and studying at TBS Education. New TBS Education students are introduced not only to the school and its programs, but also to life and studies in a new country – offering a warm, informative, and welcoming environment to help new students adjust to their new home.

Every International student begins their journey at TBS Education by attending orientation at the very beginning of the semester.

Below is more orientation information for each of the phases of the student lifecycle.  

During the summer months, once you have been accepted to TBS Education, students will be contacted by the local international office and receive more information about the international welcome days and student orientation. Students will also be asked to complete a Pre-arrival form in which they can upload their photo for their TBS Education Student Card and answer basic questions about their housing and visa situation.  Responses to this survey are monitored by the TBS Education international offices allowing the teams in place to assist you when necessary.

Depending on the events that will be organized during the first few weeks, registration may be required. Students may receive a registration email which will allow them to sign up for events and workshops in advance via the TBS student intranet.

Students may also contact the international office by emails or other social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Discord, Facebook and WeChat. For local contact information, please visit the TBS Campus pages.

During the welcome days and international student orientation, dedicated team members will be available to assist you with any emergencies and guide you through the formalities of life in the new country. Social integration ice-breaking games will take place to help you get to know your colleagues.

Keynote speeches from TBS Education Management and program direction will take place so that you can learn more about TBS Education. Cultural courses will be offered so that students can feel at ease with their life in a new country.

Local international offices in all of TBS Education campuses have dedicated office hours for the international students. Should any non-academic issues arise during your stay, please don’t hesitate to check in with them.

Student satisfaction surveys will be sent by the international office in order to ensure the quality of our services in meeting international student needs. It is very important for all students to actively use their tbs-education email account. This is the official account in which TBS Education will communicate with you.

Living and studying in another country may be challenging. Counseling and mental health services are available to our students throughout the year. Students can contact the local international office for more information. Consultations are free of charge and can me done in person or remotely. TBS Education assures complete confidentiality for all counseling sessions.

Prior to leaving TBS Education, the international office will remind students of check-out procedures that need to be considered before leaving the country. For full-time students staying a longer at TBS Education, the international office will guide your through the visa renewal procedure if necessary.

Prior to the end of the semester or graduation, the international office will host a farewell session ask students for their testimonies of the program. We encourage students to share their experience with future students of TBS Education. The opportunity to study abroad is full of amazing, life-changing events and it is important to learn from peer in order to get the most out of your time with us.

TBS Education would like to be apart of your life even after you have left the school. We have an alumni network in place to follow the career development of our students and continue to help them grow professionally. There are alumni chapters all over the world. No matter where life takes you, you can always be a part of TBS Education!

Dates, times and orientation events differ from campus to campus. Please visit the TBS Education campus pages to have local information about International Student orientation.