How we see Research at TBS Education

Here at TBS Education, we consider research to be the nerve center of our educational ecosystem. In fact, research is the driving force behind TBS Education’s top-level higher education to help students acquire differentiating skills and knowhow. By combining our international dimension with the strength of our local roots, TBS Education provides a particularly fertile and stimulating environment to establish the perfect balance between academic excellence and research impact on students and business communities. Our professors are highly committed to new knowledge production to nourish the various fields of management.

  • Our research work guarantees that our students‘ curriculum is enriched with the latest knowledge, which is one of the stepping stones towards professional integration and success.
  • The results of our research help businesses and institutions improve their economic and social efficiency.

In order to meet the academic requirements of national and international accreditors, the research conducted at TBS Education has 4 main objectives:

  • Publish research articles in the best French and international journals, reference books and case studies and attend the most prestigious scientific conferences.
  • Broadly disseminate the results of research:
    • Internally, for the benefit of our students, in order to continuously improve the content of our existing programs and to foster the emergence of new programs that tackle the new challenges managers and entrepreneurs have to face.
    • Externally, by popularizing the scientific knowledge gathered by our professors (published in the specialized press), by developing collaborative research projects with external partners (chairs, research contracts, European funds, etc.) and by organizing events for practitioners.
  • Develop the DBA and PhD doctoral programs. The PhD is aimed primarily at students who seek to become research professors. The DBA is designed for executives who want to further deepen their professional expertise on the basis of research.
  • Develop collaborations with institutional, academic or economic partners in France and abroad. TBS Education has developed collaborative research projects, such as the Sirius Chair, which focuses on management for the aerospace sector, the H2020 GLOMO project for employee mobility in Europe, the ADEME-funded “Accountancy and Carbon Footprint Strategies” project for SMEs or the project on the role of COHORTs (human composite robotos) in financial markets, which is financed by the Banque de France Foundation.

TBS Education’s scientific activity is conducted in five research laboratories covering all major management disciplines. Collective research is conducted within these laboratories. They also regularly organize high-level scientific events bringing together many researchers.

External Members of the Research Advisory Board

fosso wamba samuel associate dean for research tbs education