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TBS Education research projects generate knowledge at the cutting edge of today’s big economic, technological, social and environmental challenges. Our research is either conducted internally or in partnerships with companies and institutions and is well-know for its academic rigor and its direct link to the world of business and management.

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Here at TBS Education, we consider research to be the nerve center of our educational ecosystem. In fact, research is the driving force behind TBS Education’s top-level higher education to help students acquire differentiating skills and knowhow. By combining our international dimension with the strength of our local roots, TBS Education provides a particularly fertile and stimulating environment to establish the perfect balance between academic excellence and research impact on students and business communities. Our professors are highly committed to new knowledge production to nourish the various fields of management.


Associate Dean for Research


AeronauticS&spacecenterof excellence

Firmly anchored in its Toulouse aerospace territory, TBS Education offers a center of excellence that brings together transversal skills in the aeronautics and space sector to meet the needs of today’s businesses.

Led by Samuel FOSSO WAMBA, a widely cited and awarded research professor, the Artificial Intelligence & Business Analytics Center of Excellence brings together all topics related to data analysis for a better world.

TBS Education is a pioneer in Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility. Our dedicated Center of Excellence shines throughout our institution through adapted teaching, innovative research projects, practical actions on our campuses.

The SIRIUS Chair is the first international research chair dedicated to the law and management of activities in the space sector. It is based on an original public-private partnership between TBS Education, Toulouse 1 Capitole University, CNES, Airbus Defense & Space and Thales Alenia Space.

Research Projects & Partnerships

The Academic Research projects we conduct at TBS Education open up highly diverse know-how and skills to companies and organizations in order to help them innovate on the strategic, organizational and managerial level.

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Live from the labs

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