Since 2008, special partnerships in the field of SD have been forged with the La Poste Group, GrDF and Fidal.

Academic Publications

TBS regularly publishes academic papers on the following CSR-SD research topics:

  • Environmental economy
  • Carbon dioxide sequestration, climate changes
  • Global warming adaptation , CO2, Carbon tax
  • The development of renewable energy and R&D
  • Businesses’ corporate-environmental performance, environmental reporting
  • Carbon accounting, integrated reporting, environmental accounting
  • Environmental management control
  • Measuring lasting performance
  • Business management and sustainable development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Sustainable development and CSR management
  • CSR and public services
  • CSR and Human Resource Management
  • Ethic and spiritual diversity, Islamic business ethics
  • CSR and corporations, CSR and capitalism
  • Corporate innovation against poverty – Brazil
  • Gender equality
  • Health and vulnerable employees
  • Gender and consumer behaviour
  • CSR and consumers
  • The right to digital oblivion
  • Personal data protection

Current CSR-SD Research Projects

  • SEARRCH: Sustainable Engineering Assessment Research for Recycled Composites with High Value.
  • Environmental and Social Accounting.
  • Corporate Environmental Communication: a comparison between France and Canada.
  • IMA: From share value to shared value: Exploring the role of integrated reporting in accounting practices
  • POREEN Project: Partnering Opportunities between Europe and China in the Renewable Energies and Environmental Industries.