Research strategy and SD & CSR impacts

Our mission is to have an impact on society by studying topics relevant for a variety of actors in society and by communicating our research results through impacting channels. We aim at impacting our students’ learning paths by embedding our sustainability-related research results into the different programs and courses offered at TBS Education.

Expert professors in SD & CSR issues


Human Resources – Social and Societal Issues


SD & CSR research topics

In the research carried out at TBS Education, our professors address a diverse range of issues related to sustainability and CSR, such as:

  • diversity and gender in the workplace
  • health and wellbeing at work
  • green marketing
  • gendered marketing
  • ethical consumption
  • responsible communication and nudging
  • environmental economics
  • corporate governance
  • environmental reporting
  • sustainability management
  • social inclusion
  • carbon and water accounting
  • sustainable business models

These research subjects represent 10% of the annual research budget.

Most recent publications

Contractual Research in SD & CSR

Since 2008, special partnerships in the field of SD have been forged with the La Poste Group, GrDF and Fidal. Since 2013, TBS has developed research partnerships (which are a source of external funding) in the fields of SD and CSR applied to accounting and performance management and also to environmental economics.

Accounting and performance management projects

Project in environmental economics

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