Training responsible managers

We will create educational frameworks, materials, processes, and environments that enable effective learning experiences for responsibles leadership.

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To fulfill TBS Education’s engagement to train responsible managers, the students are exposed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) topics in different ways:

  • Specific academic modules of the core curriculum
  • Additional training offered parallel to the core curriculum (e.g., conferences, guest lectures, workshops or games on social and environmental topics)
  • Support for student engagement on sustainability and CSR topics

Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility in TBS Education programs

The Climate Action Certificate of Excellence

The CSR Certificate of Excellence

The Climate Fresco

The yearly ANEDD: students in action

The SULITEST Quiz: sharing knowledge to promote involvement

Aim2Flourish: Learning by doing

The SESAME project: Learning by doing

The SEMIS Seminar: Learning by doing

SD & CSR in the Master in Management program

Teaching & Csr