Our “Social & Innovation Marketing” lab produces and disseminates original and innovative contributions, that benefit consumers, companies, and communities for the greater social good.

Exciting research topics that have an impact on society!

An interdisciplinary approach

We use a multi-disciplinary approach to address a range of research questions in marketing and consumer behavior. These disciplines include marketing, psychology, sociology, biology and anthropology. The Lab members also share expertise in quantitative, experimental, qualitative and ethnographic methodologies to better understand companies and consumer decision-making, reasoning and preferences.

This interdisciplinary approach allows us to create synergies between the research techniques and methodologies commonly used in marketing, consumer psychology, cognitive science, evolutionary psychology, sociology, cultural studies, ethnography and anthropology.

3 main areas of research

Social & Sustainable Marketing

Green Marketing Food Marketing Gendered Marketing
Ethical Consumption
Corporate Social Responsability Responsible Communication & Nudging Communication Crisis & Online Communication Management

Innovation & Artificial Intelligence

Diffusion of Innovation
Adoption of Autonomous Machines and the Internet of Things
Social Implications of Artificial Intelligence Innovative Consumers Cocreation & Crowdfunding
End-User Entrepreneurship Innovative Branding

Culture & Cultural Practices

Cultural Practices
Culture & Humor in Advertising Gender Studies Materialism Consumer Identity Projects Corporate Philanthropy Reading Audience

2 fields of expertise

Business to Business

Aerospace Marketing
B2B Branding
B2B Purchasing
B2B Project Marketing

Consumer Behavior

Food & Nutrition
Cultural & Creative Industries
Consumer Goods

Research Lab Members

Partnerships and collaborations

Academic publications

Conferences and other activities


Seminars & Conferences 2020-2021

  • 14 octobre 2021 : Workshop Romain CADARIO (Ass Professor in Marketing at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University) “Understanding, explaining and utilizing medical artificial intelligence”
  • 14 décembre 2021 : Workshop Christoph FUCHS (Full professor University of Vienna) “Management by Algorithms reduces prosocial behavior”


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