Article by Maciel M. Queiroz, Charbel Jose Chiappetta Jabbour, Chinming (Victor) Shi, Samuel Fosso Wamba
Publised in International Journal of Production Economics

The remarkable growth of ChatGPT, a Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen-AI), has triggered a significant debate in society. It has the potential to radically transform the business landscape, with consequences for operations and supply chain management (O&SCM). However, empirical evidence on Gen-AI’s effects in O&SCM remains limited.

This study investigates the benefits, challenges, and trends associated with Gen-AI/ChatGPT in O&SCM. We collected data from O&SCM practitioners in the UK (N = 154) and the USA (N = 161). As we used the organizational learning theory for the research, our findings reveal increased efficiency as a significant benefit for both adopters and non-adopters in both countries, while indicating security, risks, and ethical as prominent concerns. In particular, it appeared that the integration of Gen-AI/ChatGPT leads to the enhancement of the overall supply chain performance.

Moreover, organizational learning can speed up the results of Gen-AI/ChatGPT in O&SCM. No wonders that adopters express their satisfaction about the post-implementation benefits of the technology, which include reduced perceived challenges for pre-implementation, and greater optimism about future Gen-AI/ChatGPT utilization compared to non-adopters.

Adopters also display diverse behavioral patterns toward efficiency, agility, responsiveness, etc. This study provides valuable insights for scholars, practitioners, and policymakers interested in comprehending Gen-AI/ChatGPT’s implications in O&SCM for both adopters and non-adopters. Additionally, it underscores the importance of organizational learning processes in facilitating successful Gen-AI/ChatGPT adoption in O&SCM.

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