In a joint initiative to shape the future of education and industry, TBS Education and the APEM group have announced the launch of a chair dedicated to Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The 3-year agreement was signed in the presence of Stéphanie Lavigne, Managing Director of TBS Education, Thomas Henin, Group Marketing Director of APEM and Kevin Carillo, Head of the Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence and Business Analysis and Programme Director of the Master of Science Big Data, Marketing & Management at TBS Education.


This partnership is a pillar of innovation and of preparing students for today’s economic challenges.

Stéphanie Lavigne, Managing Director of TBS Education, underlined the school’s commitment to innovation and to preparing students for today’s economic challenges. This collaboration with APEM consolidates the integration of technological advances into the school’s educational programme, offering students an immersive experience that is relevant to their future professional careers.

This chair is the result of the convergence of APEM’s objectives in data processing and TBS Education’s expertise in this crucial field. The partnership provides for a number of mechanisms to support APEM’s innovation, including the contribution of Master’s students on practical cases proposed by the company.


Founded in 1952, APEM is a world leader in the design and manufacture of human-machine interfaces (HMI), offering a diverse range of products for demanding markets such as instrumentation, industrial automation, aeronautics and defence.

For its part, TBS Education, through its center of excellence in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, has positioned itself as a pioneer in these fields. Since 2013, the school has been offering high-level courses to train future executives, ranked among the best internationally.

This partnership is in line with TBS Education’s mission as a committed management school, while APEM continues to consolidate its position as a major force in the field of HMI worldwide.

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