What is the Universeh Winter School?

UNIVERSEH is a European project co-financed by the Erasmus+ Program. Under the coordination of the University of Toulouse, TBS Education is part of the alliance alongside 4 universities (University of Luxembourg, Heinrich Heine University Dusseldorf, Luleå University of Technology and AGH University of Science and Technology Krakow). The project aims to foster student employability by providing them mobility opportunities and innovative pedagogical tools in order to develop their skills in line with the spatial labor market needs.   

The Artic Winter School was a 6-day event (February 27th to March 4th) organized by Luleå University of Technology at the Kiruna campus in Sweden. Lectures, workshops, study visits and conviviality moments rhythmed the schedule focused on climate change and the space field in the Arctic region. Students with various background came to Kiruna from the 5 universities of the alliance to exchange and learn about these subjects.

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TBS Education joined the UNIVERSEH Arctic Winter School by sending two students on the Master in Management Program. Meet Lisa & Corentin and learn more about their experience at Kiruna and at Luleå University.  


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My name is Lisa de Paoli, I’m 22 years old and I’m in my gap year at TBS Education. After two years of preparatory classes I joined TBS Education in L3 and I continued in the Audit DSCG course.”


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“Hello, I’m Corentin and I’m currently in a gap year. I have done 2 years of preparatory class before TBS Education and my second semester of Master 1 in the US.

I’m currently in Paris doing an internship and will be back in Toulouse in September 2023.”

How did you hear about this opportunity? Had you heard of UNIVERSEH before?

Corentin: “In November 2022, I received an email saying “Opportunity for Sweden” or something like that. Although I am usually drowned with email from school this one drew my attention. It was the first time I heard about UNIVERSEH. Quickly after receiving this email, I checked the project’s website and thought it was very interesting.”

What were your motivations to apply to this program and how is it complementary with your main area of studies?

Lisa & Corentin: “Our main motivations were to discover the Arctic, its northern lights and meet international students. It was a very enriching week from a personal and professional point of view. It allowed us to develop our knowledge about the Arctic region and to develop our critical point of view on several subjects.”

How would you describe your experience?

Corentin: “You will have stars in your eyes. And I think we can really say it. The landscape was amazing, snow everywhere, northern lights every single night.”

Can you tell us a small anecdote concerning your time in Kiruna?

Lisa & Corentin: “The day after our arrival, we suddenly left the dinner to rush outside and see our first aurora borealis. To admire them better, we decided to make a small hike on the Kiruna Mountain. The climb took more than 2 hours, we had lost the way and the wind was getting colder and colder. Finally, we arrived at the top and could admire the northern lights without light pollution. This moment was completely magic.”

Are you planning to remain involved in the UNIVERSEH project and will you be keeping in touch with the Winter School crew?

Lisa: “I hope! We still have an oral to take and a quiz to complete. But I hope to somehow stay in touch with the students and the school!”

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