TBS Education’s mission is to promote teaching, learning and educational transformation and excellence and to build a differentiated and evolving pedagogy that reflects the managers it trains: reflective, collaborative, enterprising and memorable.

  • A reflective pedagogy: constantly questioning oneself about the developed skills, in progress and to be developed, but also learning to learn, unlearn and relearn.
  • A collaborative pedagogy: co-developing coherent competency-based pathways based on the needs of students, companies and society.
  • An enterprising pedagogy: encouraging teachers to innovate because what could be better than an enterprising teacher to encourage students to be entrepreneurial and bold.
  • A memorable pedagogy: develop an emotionally positive pedagogy for in-depth learning and the satisfaction of both the student and his teacher.

TBS Education, the first business school to obtain the CGE label “4DIGITAL- DIGITAL GRANDE ECOLE”

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TBS Education is the first French management school to have obtained the “4DIGITAL – Digital Grande École” label issued by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE). The business school is now certified to deliver digital distance learning courses labelled “Grande École”, which meet the criteria of excellence defined by the CGE. A true recognition of quality for the innovation strategy that TBS Education has been deploying through digital technology for several years, in order to offer new higher education and continuous training content accessible to the greatest number of participants.

TBS Education Pedagogical innovation awarded in France and abroad.

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Whether it is the prestigious Babson Spotlight Award for the SEMIS entrepreneurial seminar or the FNEGE “coup de coeur” award for the Inspiring Guest program and the TBS Education Open Teaching & Learning Resources platform, the prizes awarded to TBS Education highlight a resolutely innovative pedagogy.

An ecosystem focused on pedagogy and innovation.

In order to continuously transform its teaching and learning practices and stimulate innovation, TBS Education enters into numerous partnerships. In particular, the school is a partner of EdTech France, the Learning Lab Network and the Babson Collaborative.

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