“Your School goes far beyond training, it’s with you for life!”
This is our motto at TBS Alumni association.

Our mission is to build and sustain an efficient network of contacts between Alumni from all degree programs at TBS Education, by developing bonds between graduates and students and facilitating exchanges worldwide.

The tool we provide to organize these exchanges is our Directory and it is constantly improved and updated. Alumni and partners have exclusive access to the directory.

This is the fruit of collaboration between the association’s 4 permanent members of staff and over 250 very well-organized volunteers. These volunteers manage local structures called Chapters, Clubs and Tribes over every continent to promote professional exchanges and friendly events on a regular basis. The Tribes provide Alumni with the opportunity to receive advice and join in at themed events. 

In all, 62 Chapters, Clubs and Tribes, all volunteers, allow the TBS Education network to flourish all over the world ! 

Learn about the actions of Inspiring Alumni from TBS Education in the video below, and read our Inspiring Talent Portraits on our TBS Alumni Association website.

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