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  • €38 000
  • 4 year program

TBS Education Executive DBA

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The world in general and the corporate world is evolving very quickly. In this challenging environment where nothing is permanent, applied and fundamental research help managers and leaders to organize strategic thinking with different perspectives. The objective is to identify emerging trends or directions and to find solutions to complex business problems.

The TBS Education Executive DBA program is a 4-year professional doctorate program equivalent to a PhD which provides research-based training and requires an original research contribution to a managerial and theoretical specific problem statement. It covers professional standards of practice and high-level business skills and techniques. It is an international program with participants coming from all over the world. Besides being flexible and challenging, the program offers a modern, innovative and pedagogical organization.

  1. All sessions are hybrid or online: members can join physically on Paris TBS Education campus or participate remotely.
  2. During each session, a research workshop is organised to benefit from the comments and ideas of peers.
  3. A robust method to progress during the 4 years of the researcher path has been published by the TBS Education pedagogical team.
  • Schedule : 
    • 192 hours of face-to-face and online courses
    • 64 hours of research workshops
    • 32 hours of conferences
    • Thesis dissertation
  • Duration : 4 year program
  • Cost : Program fees €38 000 / application fees (non-refundable) €200
  • Admission : January 2023

DBA Audio Presentation

By Stephane THION, program coordinator

Part-Time program (1 week every 4 months)

  • Year 1: hybrid or online distance learning (3 weeks-seminars)

Research project proposal presentation to the scientific committee at the end of Year 1

Year 2 & 3: 5 week-seminars (1 every 4 months) : online or hybrid in Paris and/or across TBS Education other campuses and online distance learning.

Each seminar contains 2 lectures, 1 research workshop and 1 conference.

  • Year 4: dedicated to the thesis dissertation & preparation of the oral presentation
  • Triple Crown

TBS Education is among only 90 universities in the world to be accredited by the 3 leading bodies regulating management training: EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA. Our reputation for quality training is also backed up by our rankings.

  • Flexible and innovative pedagogical organization

TBS Education DBA program offers an hybrid seminar format that enables full immersion in the course. The structure of the program is divided in such a way that, during the first year, students attend 3 hybrid or online seminars, while throughout the second and third year, they must attend 5 seminars, one every 4 months.

Each seminar consists of two modules and a complete research workshop, in which each student works on its progression and on the progression of other classmates. This part of the program provides a global perspective to each participant of the research works that are taking place.

  • Entrance level: Master’s degree, MBA
  • Professional experience in a managerial position: 5 years at least
  • English interview

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For their Executive DBA, TBS Education selects highly academically recognized speakers. Recognized for their research, with confirmed experience in managerial disciplines, these professors know how to intervene effectively in front of an audience of professionals and feel comfortable in an international context. Whatever the campus where the DBA is delivered, more than 50% of the training is provided by teachers from TBS Education.

Key professors at TBS Education:


Pr Secil Bayraktar
Human Resources

  • Change Management
  • Cross-Cultural Management
  • Expatriation and Skilled Migration
  • Global Leadership
  • Human Resources Climate

Pr Sylvie Borau

  • Consumer Behavior & Evolutionary Psychology
  • Advertising Efficacy
  • Ethics in Marketing & Consumer Well-Being
  • Women in Advertising
  • Gendered Marketing
  • Gendered Artificial Intelligence

Pr Kevin Carillo
Information Management Systems

  • Big Data & Data-Driven Business
  • Virtual Communities
  • Peer-to-Peer Production
  • Free Software Projects
Soumyadeb Chowdhury

Pr Soumyadeb Chodhury
Information Management Systems

  • Artificial Intelligence and Explainable AI
  • Business Analytics
  • Industry 4.0
  • Circular Economy
  • Productivity and Sustainability in SMEs

Pr Laurent Germain

  • Law and Economics
  • Corporate Governance
  • Market Abuse
  • Financial Markets
  • Market Microstructure
  • Neurofinance

Pr Cameron Guthrie
Information Management Systems

  • Data Analysis
  • System Dynamics
  • Information Systems
guy ngayo forso

Pr Guy Ngayo Forso
Human Resources Strategy

  • Leadership
  • Digital Transformation
  • Growth Strategies
  • International Marketing
  • International Market Entry Strategies
  • Entrepreneurship

Pr Denis Lacoste

  • International Business
  • Corporate Governance
  • Services Management
charbel salloum

Pr Charbel Salloum

  • Financial Markets
  • Family Business
  • CSR/CSiR
  • Business Strategy
  • Corporate Governance
  • Entrepreneurship Gender Diversity
sylvain senechal

Pr Sylvain Senechal

  • Relationship Marketing
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Ethics in Marketing
  • Generation Z
  • Brand Strategies Co-branding
stephane thion

Pr Stéphane Thion
Program Coordinator


Pr Jean-François Verdié
Academic Director

The Executive DBA is a program oriented towards a company’s needs. The research methodology is aimed at improving the decision-making process for business management. This ‘structuring of thoughts’ by the means of scientific research is essential for solving complex management problems as it allows executives to offer more innovative and grounded solutions.

  • High-level executives
  • Management consultants
  • Academic professor
  • Organization of the capacity to change.
  • The lean performance relationship
  • How to measure corporate reputation
  • Intra-company production transfer
  • Patterns in the aerospace Industry: determinants and consequences
  • Obstacles and opportunities of complex business development in the western world
  • Development of business groups in a hostile environment
  • Perceived brand quality received by employees and loyalty
  • Problems of credit rationing for SMEs


+33 5 61 29 46 66 (Toulouse)

Executive DBA Academic Director 
Jean-François VERDIE

Program Coordinator
Stéphane THION
+33 5 61 29 46 66

TBS Education
Paris Campus
9 Rue Henri Bocquillon
75015 Paris
Phone: +33 1 53 78 06 63




The DBA gave me the opportunity to develop the rigor required in the academic world and to deepen my knowledge of the science of leadership

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