The actions carried out by TBS in favor of student disability support and resources are in line with the French law of 11 February 2005 which establishes the right to compensation for disabled people and the « Conférence des Grandes Écoles / Handicap » Charter 2019.

The TBS disability mission

The TBS disability mission is specifically dedicated to welcoming, supporting and integrating students with disabilities from the moment they are admitted to the school. Its objective is to enable and empower students with physical, cognitive or psychological disabilities, or a disabling health condition to pursue their studies in the best possible conditions. This is achieved by accommodating students and organizing the appropriate assistance or adaptations for students and by advising them throughout the course of their studies.

Are you a student with a disability? Do you require special support? Do you want to better understand your study conditions and what are the resources available to you at TBS?

From the moment you are admitted to TBS and at any time during your studies, a personal TBS Disability Advisor will assist you, creating a tailored approach to extra services or other resources that you may need. The various missions and expertise of TBS Disability Advisory Office allows the team to respond to students’ specific needs:

  • Welcoming students with disabilities in complete confidentiality and advising them through the course of their studies at TBS;
  • Proposing individualized solutions according to the specific needs;
  • Coordinating the implementation of support and accompaniment together with the school’s faculty teams and support services;
  • Facilitating international mobility and integration into companies during internships or work-study programs.

Depending on your specific needs, the following support may be offered:

  • Pedagogical or organisational accommodations, extra time for examinations, adaptation of materials, adjustments to timetables, curriculum adjustments, etc;
  • Personal assistance : integration tutoring, examination assistance, etc;
  • Material and technical aids: access to computers, adapted seating and placement in classrooms, assistance with mobility, etc.

Application for disability support

From the moment of admission

To prepare for the new school year in the best possible conditions, as well as to address all your questions and to precisely identify your needs, we invite you to contact the Disability Advisor as soon as possible after you have confirmed your registration at TBS.

During your first meeting, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the school’s resource personnel who will accompany you during your learning experience at TBS. Regular check-in meetings will be scheduled to assess the appropriate level of support you are being provided and to assess any measures needed to adapt them according, if required.

Throughout your studies

If at any time during your course of study you feel that you need to have your exams and/or your courses adapted due to a change in your situation caused by a permanent or temporary disability, the school’s Disability Advisor is available to meet you at any time.