Raise your company’s profile

  • Promote your company and its activities through workshops involving recent graduate employees and TBS students.
  • Host a conference on a specific area of interest. Each conference is run by a single partner company and facilitates the exchange of ideas between experienced professionals and students. Pre-recruitment sessions can also be organised.
  • Organise group visits for TBS students to your company locations: headquarters, production units, business units, etc.
  • Promote your company throughout the academic year with a student brand ambassador.
  • Actively participate in TBS events, such as seminars, conferences, award ceremonies, etc., to develop brand awareness amongst students and graduates.

Participate in TBS education

  • Share your professional experience with TBS students through participating in our classes or giving guest lectures.
  • Propose and / or actively participate in case studies highlighting specific management issues with particular relevance to your business.
  • Contribute to the development and preparation of new program modules. The needs of the business world are constantly evolving and programs need to be regularly revised and updated to reflect this. Participate in TBS admissions panels to select the most promising future managers and executives or to assess students at the end of their academic path.
  • Participate in “speed coaching” sessions and actively advise students when choosing their future specialization and career path.
  • Support students who wish to create their own business through mentor programmes, financial aid or the TBS EducationalIncubator (TBSeeds).
  • Pedagogical Innovation

Recruit our talent

  • Participate in our recruitment events and careers Job Fairs . There are  major Job fairs in Toulouse during the academic year: Forum Master(e)s: Talents & Avenir, Forum Master(e)s: Perspectives Métiers. You can benefit from these events to recruit your future interns or collaborators.  Other job events are organised in other TBS campuses (Paris, Casablanca and Barcelona)
  • Recruit an intern: each year more than 3,500 of our students carry out an internship for a period of between 2 and 6 months.
  • Recruit an apprentice: in 2002, TBS created its Apprentice Training Centre to facilitate the educational and company requirements of apprentices following this career path.
  • Post your internship, job and apprenticeship offers on our recruitment management platform “Stage / Emploi” where we aim to put companies in touch with potential future employees.

Develop your talent through TBS Executive Education

  • Degree programs: DBA, Executive MBA, Aerospace MBA, Executive Master, Bachelor in Management, Specialized Masters & MSc.
  • Training programs: BADGE Profit Centre Manager; BADGE Commercial Manager; BADGE Web Project Manager; Information Systems Manager (IMSI).
  • Programs aimed at Company Directors to enhance decision making capabilities within a strategic management environment: the Advanced Management Program, the Leadership Program, and the Business Management Toolkit.
  • Bespoke intra-company programs or training modules developed according to your company’s specific requirements.
  • Short inter-company employee training modules lasting from 1-5 days covering specific areas, tools or management practices.
  • The Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) accreditation recognising previously acquired professional experience, and which counts, either partially or completely, towards a certification scheme.
  • Conferences organised throughout the academic year on specific areas of interest.

Engage with our teaching & research teams

  • Research into management science is carried out within the framework of the academic and research Chairs of the TBS Research Centre, on behalf of, and in collaboration with, companies.
  • Enter into a research partnership agreement. The TBS Research Centre is ranked amongst the very best of those attached to the major Schools of Management in terms of the relationship between research and companies.
  • Become a partner for a teaching or research chair. A chair is an area of expertise financed by one or several companies enabling them to be associated with high-level research in a specific area. Research subjects are defined by companies working in close cooperation with our teacher/researchers.
  • Details of current Chairs and partnerships

Benefit from the expertise of our students

  • Benefit from strategic diagnosis tools and techniques through our SESAME (Graduate Studies in Applied Management) Seminar. Companies put forward a real issue they are facing and our students undertake an assessment of the situation and propose solutions. Sesame projects entail close cooperation between your company and TBS tutors.
  • Benefit from an operational assignment. Your company can put forward a request for our students to carry out an analysis and propose recommendations regarding a specific operational area of your business. 
  • Make use of the services of the Junior Enterprise (J.E.) ESCadrille. This not-for-profit student association offers marketing, communication and entrepreneurial services to companies and organisations, enabling our students to gain valuable professional experience. The TBS Junior Entreprise is currently the best in France and Europe.
  • Make use of the EasyJob platform, made by a not-for-profit student assocation, to source temporary staff from amongst our students, for part-time work and/or one-off assignments.

Get involved

  • Help us increase our ability to attract talented students and faculty by allocating us your Apprenticeship tax. It is thanks to these payments that we are able to develop new programs, adapt existing programs to ever-changing company requirements, and ensure that the composition of our teaching staff reflects the international nature of business.
  • Enter into a privileged partnership agreement with TBS. These reciprocal agreements based on complementary areas of interest are tailor-made to suit each partner and can cover areas such as internships, recruitment, event participation, and academic research, etc.
  • Become a corporate partner by supporting the Toulouse Business School Foundation. Created in 2008, its role is to promote diversity and develop areas of expertise in education and research. Since its inception, the Foundation has allocated more than 700 grants.
  • Become a member of Toulouse Business Club. Created in 2009 as a means of bringing together TBS’s main partners, the Club aims to facilitate exchanges amongst decision-makers across organisations and industries.