Chiara CANTA
Head of Department

This department covers all the courses in economics and finance as management fundamentals.

Learning Opportunities

These courses, mostly delivered in English, form the basis for the whole range of TBS’s programs, from the Bachelor’s to the MBA, to continuous professional development.

As an extension of the core courses, the Department of Economics and Finance offers specialised programs of a high academic and professional level to prepare students for jobs in finance (investment banking, asset management, mergers and acquisitions,capital investment, corporate finance, wealth management) but also for professional activities with a strong financial dimension which exist within many businesses.

As part of the Master in Management program, we offer specialised pathways:

  • Corporate Finance and Wealth Management (double degree with CFPB) on the Toulouse campus,
  • Banking and Financial Markets on the London campus,
  • Financial Management on the Barcelona campus.

You can also join us for:

The Specialised Masters “Banking and Financial Engineering”, listed in the National Directory of Professional Certification (level 1), which has been training high-level experts in all areas of banking and finance for 20 years.

The MSc in “Banking and International Finance” covers all aspects of market finance and business finance by giving participants a global understanding of international finance.

The department brings together 19 permanent lecturers, PhD students, associate professors, and a large number of high-level professionals, from France or abroad, working within some of the biggest financial institutions. This team equips students with theoretical and professional mastery of the concepts and tools of modern finance needed to understand and adapt to a complex and changing economic and financial environment. To reinforce the teaching, the school has a trading floor equipped with Bloomberg, Datastream and Thomson Reuters Eikon.

Lecturers in the Department of Economics and Finance form part of the “Finance, Economics and Econometrics” research laboratory. The findings of their research are published in works of reference and in the best international academic journals such as the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics or Management Science.

The department also advises the JIM, TBS’s Finance Association, on the editing of its analytical notes for a dedicated investment fund. The department’s lecturers also follow a different team of students each year in the CFA Institute Research Challenge, a worldwide competition in which TBS is regularly classed among the best in France or indeed Europe.