Driven by a unique strategy that will be deployed over the next 5 years, the Toulousain school – newly named TBS Education – has set itself bold and inspiring development objectives: to become the school of educational well-being, to strengthen the employability of its learners, and to maximize its societal impact on its territories. To achieve its goals, TBS Education will rely on a whole new genre of campuses, an expert and reputed faculty, new training and employability models as well as a strengthened international presence.

In order to provide the best teaching experience for learners who are searching for training that will see them develop and emerge as quality professionals, this Toulousain business school is continuing to advance in its transformation.

With more than 15 years of integrating successful environmental, societal and social criteria into its school model as well as its research and training programs, TBS Education takes on the quality of a “Business for Good” (société à mission). This statutory amendment was unanimously validated by its Board of Directors to continue the development of the school and its impact on its territories. Like a symbol of renewal, this status of a Business for Good will boost a new dynamic and accelerate the development of TBS Education, through a a clear strategy, by 2026. Built around 4 central pillars, this project will, in the long term, strengthen TBS Education’s reputation in its initial training programs and reshape its Executive Education offer with a tailor-made model to better meet business expectations. In order to successfully carry out the inclusion and equal opportunities projects, TBS Education is creating a new pillar of solidarity and will offer tuition fees adapted to the financial situation of each student in undergraduate programs. While pursuing the development of learning, the school guarantees a lower cost of studies and better employability for its students.

A strategy guided by 4 central pillars

TBS Education campuses are dynamic environments that bring together learning, academic, research, business, entrepreneurial and socially conscious communities. The School’s students thrive on eco-responsible campuses, in which all the conditions will be met to promote the advancement of individuals and their better learning. By 2026, the 4 sites – in Toulouse, Barcelona, ​​Casablanca and Paris – will be equipped with new inspiring buildings to fully integrate into a shifting world.
TBS Education focuses on “pedagogical well-being”: the school is a factory of pedagogical innovation which constantly introduces new knowledge, new learning methods and tools for better learning. Taking just one example of this would be the school’s innovative project Inspiring Guest, which has been recognized nationally and internationally, in which the school introduced humour to stimulate learning.

The school’s 4 campuses will be connected to partner companies and socio-economic stakeholders to cultivate entrepreneurship, promote local innovation and to pool knowledge. Designed to have a positive societal impact and offer a unique experiential learning, they will be resolutely open, inspiring, innovative and engaged.

TBS Education has a highly qualified and international faculty. The school relies on its faculty to conduct:

  • Cutting-edge research referenced in the most prestigious international academic journals and impact research for companies and organizations;
  • A rise in expertise across CSR-SD, Artificial Intelligence & Business Analytics, Aeronautics & Space, namely the 3 centres of excellence of TBS Education;
  • An innovative pedagogical model based on nationally and internationally recognized experimental learning approaches.

The school of the future, imagined by TBS Education, will be based on an inspiring mix of virtual and face-to-face courses: face-to-face training will retain its importance thanks to an active experience making the student community a player within the pedagogy, while the digital campus will allow free access to all content. This school, both “inside” and “outside” the walls, draws its inspiration from partner companies and stakeholders in the territory and from neighbouring innovative environments (factories, Third Places, etc.).

The TBSeeds start-up Incubator continues to develop around business creation and takeover projects with a societal impact. With its expertise in entrepreneurship, the school intends to offer a GreenTech-labeled offer as well as a support fund for the early stages of development of its incubated businesses.

In order to ensure maximum employability for learners and to foster innovate projects – and those with a positive impact – companies are strongly integrated into the TBS Education community. In Toulouse and Paris, as well as on international campuses, discussion and sharing areas called AGORA will welcome businesses. The latter will also be associated with school events in order to provide visibility for research and to stimulate proximity with local stakeholders.

Executive Education programs are being renewed thanks to a differentiating offer adapted to companies, with increased tailor-made training. From the start of the 2021-2022 school year, the school will launch “CPF made by TBS Education“, an account for its alumni which ensures the continuous development of skills and soft skills throughout graduates’ careers and creates a system of subscription for online offers (digital campus).

The new 2026 international strategy is based on a parallel aim between effective mobility across the school’s campuses and Partner Universities, and distance mobility. This strategy will take shape through:

  • Enhanced promotion of its campuses abroad, which conduct their own student recruitment and have a positive impact on their areas of influence;
  • The development of strategic partnerships to enhance the school’s expertise, create new synergies and dual skills with strengthened alliances in the United States and Canada (partnerships with schools and universities).
Stephanie Lavigne Dg Tbs Education

“Our 2026 strategy is a continuation of TBS Education’s history, whilst introducing bold and inspiring ways for the school to fully succeed in its mission. Our business school is a major player in the region, training its learners in business & management, by integrating environmental, societal and social dimensions. Because the world is ever-changing, TBS Education is constantly innovating to have a positive impact. Resolutely inclusive, it focuses on “pedagogical well-being”, supports the development of skills throughout life and reinforces its requirement with regard to its fields of research and its training so that its student community participates in the construction of ‘an innovative and sustainable world.”

Stéphanie LAVIGNE, Director General of TBS Education
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Tbs Education Strategie2026 Inspiringtbs Live2

Confirming our strategy with a new identity: TBS Education

It is in a context of increased demands from organizations and businesses that TBS Education reveals its strategy to pursue its advancement and development, whilst keeping its core business at the center of its identity: education.

This is why TBS now becomes TBS Education. The international business school wishes to include the notion of education in its name and logo, in order to facilitate the identification of the TBS brand as an institution of academic excellence, a carrier of knowledge.

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