Driven by a unique strategy that will be deployed over the next 5 years, the Toulousain school – newly named TBS Education – has set itself bold and inspiring development objectives: to become the school of educational well-being, to strengthen the employability of its learners, and to maximize its societal impact on its territories. To achieve its goals, TBS Education will rely on a whole new genre of campuses, an expert and reputed faculty, new training and employability models as well as a strengthened international presence.

In order to provide the best teaching experience for learners who are searching for training that will see them develop and emerge as quality professionals, this Toulousain business school is continuing to advance in its transformation.

With more than 15 years of integrating successful environmental, societal and social criteria into its school model as well as its research and training programs, TBS Education takes on the quality of a “Business for Good” (société à mission). This statutory amendment was unanimously validated by its Board of Directors to continue the development of the school and its impact on its territories. Like a symbol of renewal, this status of a Business for Good will boost a new dynamic and accelerate the development of TBS Education, through a a clear strategy, by 2026. Built around 4 central pillars, this project will, in the long term, strengthen TBS Education’s reputation in its initial training programs and reshape its Executive Education offer with a tailor-made model to better meet business expectations. In order to successfully carry out the inclusion and equal opportunities projects, TBS Education is creating a new pillar of solidarity and will offer tuition fees adapted to the financial situation of each student in undergraduate programs. While pursuing the development of learning, the school guarantees a lower cost of studies and better employability for its students.

A strategy guided by 4 central pillars

Pillar 1: TBS Education develops a new type of campus and focuses on “pedagogical well-being”

Pillar 2: TBS Education is represented by an expert and recognized faculty

Pillar 3: TBS Education is building new training and employability models

Pillar 4: TBS Education takes another step forward in the international market

Stephanie Lavigne Dg Tbs Education

“Our 2026 strategy is a continuation of TBS Education’s history, whilst introducing bold and inspiring ways for the school to fully succeed in its mission. Our business school is a major player in the region, training its learners in business & management, by integrating environmental, societal and social dimensions. Because the world is ever-changing, TBS Education is constantly innovating to have a positive impact. Resolutely inclusive, it focuses on “pedagogical well-being”, supports the development of skills throughout life and reinforces its requirement with regard to its fields of research and its training so that its student community participates in the construction of ‘an innovative and sustainable world.”

Stéphanie LAVIGNE, Director General of TBS Education
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Tbs Education Strategie2026 Inspiringtbs Live2

Confirming our strategy with a new identity: TBS Education

It is in a context of increased demands from organizations and businesses that TBS Education reveals its strategy to pursue its advancement and development, whilst keeping its core business at the center of its identity: education.

This is why TBS now becomes TBS Education. The international business school wishes to include the notion of education in its name and logo, in order to facilitate the identification of the TBS brand as an institution of academic excellence, a carrier of knowledge.

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