Mastering the Science of Management

Research activity within the TBS is focused in the TBS Research Centre. It applies research concepts and methodologies to the science of management at TBS.  It is made up of five research labs which deal with academic themes in the science of management:

Accounting, Control and Performance Management

Research Themes: Social and environmental accounting, governance, professions and society, performance management systems.

Head: Anne Rivière ( )

Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Research Themes: Risk management, entrepreneurial strategies, company networks, inter-company, cooperation, stakeholders and strategy.

Head: Christophe Favoreu

Finance, Economics and Econometrics

Research Themes: Empirical corporate finance, asset pricing , corporate governance, risk management, mutual funds, market microstructure, behavioral Finance, industrial organization, competition policy, environmental economics, contract theory and incentives, regulation, growth theory, operational research, financial econometrics, applied econometrics, theoretical econometrics.

Head: Sylvain Bourjade

Social & Innovation Marketing

Research Themes: Social & Sustainable Marketing, Innovation & Artificial Intelligence, Culture & Cultural Practices.

Head: Sylvie Borau

Work, Employment and Health

Research Themes: Employment policy, the European labor market, restructuring, social dialogue, skills, training, diversity, equality, multicultural management, corporate social responsibility, health.

Head: Akram Al Ariss

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