TBS Education takes action to promote gender equality

One of the fundamental goals of our management school is to raise awareness of gender issues among our students. Since 2016, TBS Education has developed an overall action plan to promote women’s careers, spearheaded by EQUAL.ID.

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Changing mentalities & behavior

The EQUAL.ID program was set up so that all of us – women, men and organisations – could work together to change mentalities and behavior. This ambitious project makes students aware of the issue of gender inequalities in companies and fights stereotypes, from the moment our students enter TBS Education until they move on to professional life. Our students must have no doubt that the fight against gender inequality is also their fight! Our female students must dare to act and have no more doubts concerning their value, their skills, or the legitimacy of their ambitions and desire to fully express their potential.

EQUAL.ID program goals

  • Guide female students in their careers and fight against self-censorship,
  • Support them in developing their self-assurance,
  • Help them to build their professional network,
  • Help them to achieve their salary goals,
  • Teach them how to deal with any discriminatory behavior they may encounter.

A gender-equality program with 4 components

  • Mentoring schemes for female students on the Grande Ecole Programme at TBS Education.
  • Coaching sessions for our students to guide them concerning professional equality and their future role as managers.
  • Educational activities and thematic workshops that enable male and female students to become aware of the issues, get involved, collectively propose solutions and take tangible action.
  • Research work and studies carried out by our research professors to qualify and document the mechanisms involved in career disparities between women and men.

EQUAL.ID program results

  • 430 female students at TBS Education have received support and guidance from 300 female mentors; this is both a fantastic support scheme for the students and a very rewarding experience for the mentors.
  • A Think&Create Workshop (ATC) is devoted to this topic in the first year of the Master in Management program. As such, around thirty male and female students write articles and create videos, comics, posters, or conduct interviews that highlight the subjects they have chosen to work on: women in politics, female directors in cinema, women and the female press, the role of men and masculinity etc.
  • Each year, as part of the Introductory Seminar on Entrepreneurship (SEMIS), 100 first-year Master in Management students propose tangible solutions that can be implemented to combat everyday sexism and gender stereotypes in student life.
  • A workshop aimed at combating sexual harassment and sexist behaviour has been included in the Bachelor’s programme, led with, by and for all the students.

The mentors of our 2020/2021 program

Equal Id Parrains

What an honour it is to be joint sponsors of EQUAL.ID and its mentoring programme. Promoting women’s careers and fighting against gender inequalities are the cornerstones for building tomorrow’s professional world. We are proud to have the opportunity to contribute to this with all our strength and conviction.”

Maguelone Pontier, Director of the “Grand Marché MIN” (Market of National Interest) Toulouse Occitanie & Guillaume Gomez, President of the Chefs of the French Republic.