The Language Center is responsible for all the language teaching within TBS Education, including FLE lessons (French as a Foreign Language).

It is responsible for bringing pedagogical coordination to the various courses, and across all 4 TBS campuses, and allows you to gain the language qualifications necessary to study abroad. It also organizes external examinations such as TOEIC and IELTS.

Last but not least, it offers regular extra-curricular activities and events in order to motivate you to practise speaking foreign languages in a more informal and interactive way.

Language Center team focuses on innovative teaching tools and availability to ensure you a successful path. Among many things, you’ll discover our approach:

  • Face-to-face classes
  • C@mpus
  • Wooclap
  • Help and support to prepare for the IELTS, TOEIC & TOEFL.

& more!

All international students studying at TBS are encouraged to take French as a Foreign Language or FLE (français langue étrangère) courses. Each semester the Language Center offers 30 hours of FLE courses. These courses will help students learn French language and culture. FLE covers levels from A1 (complete beginner) to B2 (intermediate). Exchange students wishing to take FLE must pre-enroll. Pre-enrollment takes place during the application process, where students are asked to select their academic courses.

International students following a degree program at TBS will be invited to sit an online French language test. All students must take the online test even if they do not speak French in order for them to be divided into groups. Students who abstain from taking the online French test will not be enrolled.

TBS highly recommends that students follow French language courses. This will enhance the overall experience in France, help students mix with the local student community and facilitate the search for students wishing to find an internship in France.

Bachelor in Management

Students in the Bachelor program can learn 2 languages from the first year. Students have the choice to study English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Arabic and Italian.

The IELTS test is organized by the Language Center. The cost is included in the student’s tuition fees. Students who fail the exam will be expected to retake it by booking a date with an external provider.

Master in Management

Graduate students are expected to have a TOEIC score of at least 850 prior to graduation. Master in Management students are expected to have a B2 English level in order to qualify for a semester abroad. They are strongly encouraged to take the TOEFL exam.

Language tests for other languages are administered by the Language Center free of charge in order for students to demonstrate their level in other languages according to the CEFR.

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