The human factor at the heart of TBS Education

TBS Education’s social inclusion policy aims to promote inclusion and equal opportunity for all. Our diversity policy draws on a network of different institutions, partner associations and people, whose actions contribute to bolstering our commitment.

human factor

In line with the goals of its social policy, TBS Education is a signatory of the “Charter of commitment to inclusion and diversity” established by the CGE (Conférence de Grandes Ecoles).

In order to ensure students with disabilities have access to all the courses, premises and services they need to complete their studies, TBS Education has assigned a Disability Officer in charge of providing them with support throughout their time at the School. TBS Education formalised its commitment in favour of people with disabilities by signing the CGE’s Disability Charter.

TBS Education is committed to combating sexual harassment and all sexist, sexual and homophobic violence and has set up prevention, reporting and management systems for these types of incidents. The actions are aimed at both the School’s students and staff.

As regards gender equality among the TBS Education staff, 42.3% of the permanent teaching staff are women, as are more than 70% of the core Management Board. There is also a wide variety of nationalities represented in the School.

At the beginning of every school year, actions are organized to raise awareness of health and well-being issues among students, with the help of experienced professionals (addiction prevention, the need for relationships to be consensual, etc.). A psychologist is on hand to help students whenever they feel the need (feelings of isolation, integration problems, relationship difficulties, etc.). These measures have two objectives: to prevent risks and to support students’ academic performance.

The EQUAL.ID program was set up so that all of us – women, men and organisations – could work together to change mentalities and behavior. This ambitious project makes students aware of the issue of gender inequality in companies and combats stereotypes from the moment our students enter TBS Education until they move on to professional life.

In order to support and develop our students’ societal engagement, TBS Education has created a mechanism to acknowledge the commitment of students who are involved in an association or civic, solidarity-oriented initiative, by awarding bonus points taken into account in their grade average.

As part of the “Cordées de la réussite” (Roped together for success) program, TBS Education provides individual support to 80 middle and secondary school pupils from priority neighbourhoods, on scholarships or with disabilities. The program includes cultural development activities, thematic workshops such as “Learning to introduce oneself”, discussing and building a study project, learning about different fields of excellence, etc. Each year, 60 first-year Master in Management students are involved in this “Cordée” project. They help each coached pupil to work on his/her potential, develop their study project and pursue paths of excellence.

Through its partnership with the Article 1 association, TBS Education helps put students from working-class backgrounds in contact with tutors from the professional world. Our common goal is to give these young people confidence, help them succeed academically and provide them with support for their career project.

TBS Education gives students (“laureats”) from the “Institut de l’Engagement” (a French nationwide initiative that helps students from difficult backgrounds), who have been identified for their potential and high level of commitment, to integrate TBS Education through a specific admission procedure. The TBS Education Foundation provides the students recruited through this partnership with a grant.

In order to ensure that tuition fees are not an obstacle for students from modest backgrounds, the TBS Education Foundation supports the School’s diversity policy. Created in 2008, under the aegis of the Fondation de France and thanks to the generosity of its sponsors and partners, the TBS Education Foundation has helped more than 1,000 students through its means-related grant programme.

In order to mitigate the difficulties that numerous students were facing due to the unprecedented context of the Covid-19 health crisis, the TBS Education Foundation has quickly set up a relief fund to support French and international students who find themselves in vulnerable situations during the lockdown.

In order to protect the health of all students and staff, a COVID Officer has been appointed at TBS Education. The Officer’s role is to coordinate the implementation of health and safety measures and ensure compliance with safety protocols and processes.