• Toulouse, Paris
  • English
  • Full Time


The TBS Education Winter School programs are recommended for students enrolled in a Higher Education Institution as a Master student. It is also suitable for Young Professionals and students on a Gap Year. The deadline for application is December 4th, 2023.

Supporting Documents

  • Cover Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume
  • Non-native English students will be tested on their language level during the application process
  • Latest grade transcript
  • Copy of passport


TBS Education Winter School, 3-week program | 3600€

TBS Education Winter School, Paris only | 2600€

TBS Education Winter School, Toulouse only | 2000€


The TBS Education Winter School aims at engaging participants with one another to strengthen cross-cultural communication skills while acquiring in-depth business knowledge. Project management and group works are the major pedagogical approach for most themes. Additionally, students get to tailor their academic experience to their preference or professional ambition by picking their courses of choice.

The full Winter School program can get students up to 14 ECTS, which can be transferred towards your current degree.

As part of the comprehensive program, TBS Education has put together a selection of cultural activities and industry expert interventions. These events will help students understand current trends directly from industry experts!

Part of the TBS Education Winter School program is a selection of expert industry interventions and cultural activities. The cultural & social activities will help student discover the Winter School cities, their patrimonies and offer the opportunity for students and staff to exchange in a convivial setting. The expert talks will help students understand current trends directly from corporation professionals. Click the button below to learn more about the activities.

TBS Educations has partnered with new, trendy housing providers to offer you a fully equipped housing option during your stay in France.

The hospitality package includes housing in both cities (Paris & Toulouse), transportation between cities and public transport tickets in all cities. Hospitality packages are also available for single-track option participants! To learn more about the package, click the link below.

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