Research Partnerships at TBS Education

The Academic Research projects we conduct at TBS Education open up highly diverse know-how and skills to companies and organizations in order to help them innovate on the strategic, organizational and managerial level.

Multidisciplinary research that covers all aspects of management

Multidisciplinary research (management science, economics, legal sciences, etc.) at TBS Education studies the main functions of companies and organizations (marketing, strategy, finance, human resources, management control and accounting, etc.) and gives a clear vision of the ecosystems in which businesses and organizations operate.  

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The TBS Education Research Center, a driving force of innovation

The research conducted in the TBS Education Research Center relates, for example, to support processes for innovation and diversification, emerging low-carbon business models, innovative financing methods, markets and business ecosystems, the performance of organizations, the habits of current or potential consumers, the effects and drivers of employee mobility at European and international level, the economic feasibility of recycling channels, the digital transformation of organizations, etc.  

Understand complexity, stimulate innovation

Our research helps companies and organizations to better understand the complexity of the business world, by providing an up-to-date state of available knowledge, methods and tools to reduce uncertainty, while using a reasoned, systemic and organized approach. It also feeds the strategic approach of managers to help them develop new products, services or solutions.

A wide range of funding opportunities

To stimulate and support collaborative projects between academic research labs and public and private companies, a range of funding opportunities are available, such as: CIFRE theses, Research Chairs with sponsored contracts, competitiveness clusters, calls for research projects by regional authorities, the French National Research Agency (ANR), French Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME), the Horizon Europe European program, Crédit Impôt Recherche… Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Research at TBS Education, a true ally for companies

In a world where innovation cycles and markets evolve very quickly, where new ideas generate a wealth of new areas of development to overcome various crises, companies and organizations can rely on the researchers in the TBS Education labs to strengthen their capacity for innovation.

The Research Department helps you to find researchers who can meet your needs, puts you in contact with the right people and helps to formalize the research cooperation as needed.

  • Need to access confidential information: a confidentiality or secrecy agreement
    This agreement provides access to confidential information in return for a commitment not to use and not to disclose the information.
  • Need to conduct targeted or basic research: a collaborative research agreement
    This agreement defines the shared scientific objectives as well as the resources and implementing rules. It also creates an obligation of means, but not results. Costs are shared and the results are jointly owned.
  • Be associated with research and the dissemination of knowledge: Research Chair
    This project allows companies or organizations, standing alone or with other partners, to be involved in high-level research and the dissemination of knowledge, particularly among students. It is an important element of visibility for companies, whose name will be associated with this work. This provides access to academic expertise on a specific subject defined in relation to the faculty.
  • Need to employ a doctoral student for 3 years: a Training through Research Industrial Agreement (CIFRE)
    This contract subsidizes any company under French law that recruits a doctoral student to work on an applied research project within an enterprise, with the TBS Education Research Center. The work will lead to a thesis in three years. The additional costs are shared.
  • Need to establish a close long-term relationship: a framework agreement
    This agreement lays down the basis for a close scientific relationship between the Research Center and a company or other public research establishment. It prepares the drafting of related specific future contracts, and predetermines the main clauses already agreed by both parties.

The scientific framework for these partnerships is defined by the TBS Education researchers. The Research Department provides a framework for the financial and legal aspects, as well as the intellectual property rights. This department is the contact point for all types of public or private partnerships.

The TBS Education Research Center is legally dependent on Toulouse Business School, Etablissement d’Enseignement Supérieur Consulaire (EESC). The Director of TBS Education has sole authority to initiate actions within the Research Center.

The Research Center is involved in three state-accredited competitiveness clusters in the Occitania Region:


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