The TBS Research Center is an academic partner for corporate and institutional managerial innovation.

The Research Center conducts contractual research via research contrats, research chairs and by responding to international projects.

These contractual research projects not only allow to draw external funds, but also help to increase the impact of academic research projects on practitioners, local communities and on society as a whole.

As a consequence, our contractual research projects are designed to be useful and in keeping with managerial issues of both private and public decision-makers. They also nurture our faculty’s academic research projects by favoring access to new fields of investigation or to the funding of doctoral projects.

Business needs and the most common types of cooperation

The Research Department helps you to find researchers who can meet your needs, puts you in contact with the right people and helps to formalize the research cooperation as needed.

  • Need to access confidential information: a confidentiality or secrecy agreement
    This agreement provides access to confidential information in return for a commitment not to use and not to disclose the information.
  • Need for a state-of-the-art approach on certain subjects: a service contract
    The purpose of a service contract is to set out the terms and conditions for carrying out work requested by the client. It requires the subject of the services to be precisely defined as well as renumeration for the Research Center. It adheres to a performance obligation. Ownership of the results goes to the company with the exception of methodologies. The company covers all expenses related to the services at their actual cost.
  • Need to conduct targeted or basic research: a collaborative research agreement
    This agreement defines the shared scientific objectives as well as the resources and implementing rules. It also creates an obligation of means, but not results. Costs are shared and the results are jointly owned.
  • Be associated with research and the dissemination of knowledge: Research Chair
    This project allows companies or organizations, standing alone or with other partners, to be involved in high-level research and the dissemination of knowledge, particularly among students. It is an important element of visibility for companies, whose name will be associated with this work. This provides access to academic expertise on a specific subject defined in relation to the faculty.
  • Need to employ a doctoral student for 3 years: a Training through Research Industrial Agreement (CIFRE)
    This contract subsidizes any company under French law that recruits a doctoral student to work on an applied research project within an enterprise, with the TBS Research Center. The work will lead to a thesis in three years. The additional costs are shared.
  • Need to establish a close long-term relationship: a framework agreement
    This agreement lays down the basis for a close scientific relationship between the Research Center and a company or other public research establishment. It prepares the drafting of related specific future contracts, and predetermines the main clauses already agreed by both parties.
  • Need for a researcher’s expertise and advice: consultancy
    This personal intellectual and scientific service does not bind the TBS Research Center.

Setting up partnerships

The scientific framework for these partnerships is defined by the TBS researchers. The Research Department provides a framework for the financial and legal aspects, as well as the intellectual property rights. This department is the contact point for all types of public or private partnerships.

The Research Center legally depends on the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Toulouse (CCIR), a public institution of an administrative nature. It is an academic research lab holding private status. The Director of TBS has sole authority to initiate actions within the Research Center.

Partner to three competitiveness clusters located in the Midi-Pyrénées region

The Research Center is involved in four state-accredited competitive clusters in the Midi-Pyrenees region:


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