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Academic well-being is at the heart of TBS Education and our student-centered approach. The TBS Education International Student Office (ISO) understands that moving abroad can be challenging. In addition to the logistics behind moving; finding housing and packing up your things; international students are also faced with finding insurance coverage, visa obligations, banking and healthcare. On top of this comes the challenge of constructing a social network in a foreign country where you may or may not speak the language.

The good news is that the TBS Education International Student Office (ISO) is here to help. We works alongside the academic programs providing practical assistance to prospective and current international students. Working continuously with partners and service providers, ISO answers student inquires and alleviate the administrative burden and stress for our students. Any type of international student can benefit form our services, full-time students or students joining our program withing the framework of university exchange.

Helping to provide practical assistance to international students so they can save time and get the most from their stay in France!

Our mission

ISO is a part of an integrated a well-being strategy. Our mission is to accompany prospective and current international students with any non-academic inquires they may have about setting-up their new life in France. With the team’s empathetic attitude, network of service providers and engagement with the TBS Education student community, ISO provides students with the best possible environment in which to study effectively, develop professionally and analyze the impact of learnt experience such as living abroad to ultimately boost their employability.

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We like to encourage all students to connect to TBS Education social media. This will help you get to know the school a bit better before you arrive.

The International Student Office Discord group is a platform dedicated to help the TBS Education international community. You can also keep up to date about activities, new formalities and information shared with us from our partners by joining the group.

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It is the student’s responsibility to enquire about the particular visa requirement according to his/her country of origin. Upon final registration and on receipt of payment, our office will issue an official letter of acceptance which will help you obtain a valid visa if needed.

We recommend all short programs students to contact their nearest French or Spanish Embassy or Campus France Office.

Toulouse and Barcelona a very popular student city. Finding short-stay housing (especially for summer time) could be quite tricky. Moreover, short programs participants might need a housing proof for their visa application.

Summer and Winter School participants can get a hospitality package from TBS Education. Click here to learn more about the hospitality package for Toulouse and Barcelona. Students will be staying in the city center, near the TBS Education Campus.

We highly recommend all Summer School participants to take an appropriate health insurance to cover them during their stay in Europe and for travel purposes.

It is best for short program participants to check with an insurance from their home country if it would be possible to get short-term coverage during their stay in France or Spain.

For European Union residents, please ask for a Euopean Health Insurance Card (EHIC) at least two weeks before leaving your country. The EHIC will extend the healthcare coverage you have in one Europe Union country to others (including France and Spain).

Toulouse/Barcelona: TBS Education will arrange travel between TBS Education’s Toulouse and Barcelona campuses at the end of the Toulouse Summer School. The cost of the journey is included in the Full 6-weeks Program.

Toulouse/Ljubljana: Participants choosing this option will travel by bus from Toulouse to Ljubljana on a Scenic Route. The journey will include stops in Nice, Monaco and Verona, and two nights shared hotel accommodation, giving the opportunity to students to discover the French Riviera and Northern Italy. The Scenic Route is a compulsory part of the Joint Toulouse-Ljubljana Summer School and the cost is included in the Joint Program.

All courses are held at TBS Education (Toulouse and Barcelona campuses) and the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Economics – in large, modern, well-equipped lecture rooms. All campuses are situated in safe, central areas and close to public transport options. Access to computer facilities, library and wireless internet is provided. Students are welcome to bring their own laptops.

Short Program participants who chose the TBS Education hospitality package will be housed near campus (walking distance to the TBS Education campus), in the city center of Toulouse or Barcelona.