From the 4th to 8th April, TBS organized the “No impact Week” to raise awareness among the TBS Community on the impact we have at work and on our daily life.

What is no impact?

No impact means living in a globalized world with the understanding that all our actions have an inevitable impact on the planet. At a time in which the ecological question is more prevalent on the international scene, we need to rethink our way of living, thinking and acting. TBS trains managers to do just that!

One Fascinating Story

Travelling with minimal impact on the planet, that’s the challenge, Laurent, a TBS alumnus, and his impressive family of five, set out for themselves in 2022.

Ourgoal was simple. We wanted to ride across Europe (25 000 kms) on two electric bikes, surviving on 10 euros each a day.

Laurent, a TBS alumnus

The idea is centered around presenting the beauty of the world to their three kids without impacting nature along the way and, at the same time, learning how nature is designed and how it functions in symbiosis with its surroundings. By showing nature respect, travelling with resilience, and stepping out their comfort zone, this young family of five are truly embarking on an inspirational ecological journey.

The family is totally autonomous with solar batteries, tents and all camping necessities. This is a way of life, a state of mind and a way to plant a seed in their children’s’ mind and allow them to experience the real world and learn to appreciate and preserve it; how to reduce the global impact as well as the human impact.

More than a journey with a destination, this adventure is about taking the time to enjoy and admire the natural world at their own pace without a fixed itinerary to follow. Slowing down and taking time to fully embrace each place; this is a central element to the human aspect of their collective journey.

A very inspiring story that gives us the chance to think about our own ecological footprint and the changes we could implement in our daily actions, big or small, by preserving our environment and future generations. Nothing is impossible.

no impact week