With an expertise in a wide range of business management subjects and corporate relations in local as well as international industries, the TBS Education international Academic Seminars are the perfect fit for any university partner! Our experts help you create a digital experience that is tailored to your students’ needs, while combining theoretical learning with practical, hands-on experience from industry experts.


The resulting online seminars emphasize the importance of social digitalization as a pathway to build a professional network. Virtual cultural exchanges, online social activities and professional coaching found in our seminars will help participants from around the world, meet each other from the comfort of their own homes

Over the past year, we have organized debates, exchanges and peer-to-peer coaching with the TBS Education community allowing our partner universities’ students to expand their network in Europe.

The online international academic seminars are designed to fill gaps in students’ knowledge and give them a competitive edge when it comes to employability. As technology evolves and globalization extends its reach, it is important to have a global view of business problems and how to implement digital solutions for the future.

“All of our courses are taught 100% in English and TBS Education aims to reinforce the development of students’ cross-cultural communication skills in addition to their business knowledge.”

The product offering is a direct result from the 2019 pandemic and universities’ push to have a more inclusive pedagogical offering. In the past, students who were unable to finance a study abroad experience or who were unable to fit an international trip into their dense schedule, were often denied an international opportunity. An International Academic Seminar is able to offer students from all walks of life exposure to business culture abroad.

TBS has offered digital seminars to the following:

Uni Of Bradford 1 3
Cincinnati Bs 1
Nui 1
Strathclyde (logo) Sm

The digital seminar is co-created with partners and can be credit bearing or built into a course. This design feature is up to the partner. TBS Education is a triple accredited business school and follows the European guidelines when it comes to workload, face-to-face hours and ECTS credits.

In order to facilitate learning as well as simulate an international experience, TBS Education uses a wide range of digital solutions. In addition to ensuring a high-quality seminar, using these tools will develop essential informatic skills which are being a baseline for job market.

All of our courses and course content are delivered to an open-source learning management system. To diffuse the courses, we use a digital distribution platform that is hard lined into the students’ schedules meaning that links, passwords and access to digital rooms are easy to find. We also implore an optional direct communication service between students and the TBS Education community that can extend beyond the dates of the program.

You may also be interested to know that TBS Education was the first French Business School to be awarded the 4 Digital accreditation from the national accreditation bodies.

Digital International academic seminars can be organized year-round. TBS Education will work with the partner institution to plan courses at an hour that is conducive to the international experience and convenient for both parties.

For more information about a digital seminar, please contact us by email: international.tbs [@] tbs-education.fr

What students say about the Digital Seminars

This was a very theorethical topic that is very different to put into practice so I think with this in mind our professor did a fantastic job at keeping us engaged!

Financial Risk Management in European Banking, University of Bradford Seminar, February 2021

I got to hear the perspectives of each student and learn a bit about them and where they are from. Our professor was amazing and very well informed about all of the content she was teaching.

Cross-Cultural Management in Europe, Carl H. Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati Seminar, March 2021

A day with lots of information, expert guidance and amazing lecturers. I now want to go to Toulouse and discover the city!

Big Data & Artificial Intelligence, National University of Ireland, Galway Seminar, April 2021

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