Since 2011, TBS Education has had a partnership with Jinan University in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, for the Executive DBA programme.

This programme is offered to students of the Chinese University through 8 seminars over a period of 4 years, combining scientific methodology and strategic decision-making in an entrepreneurial environment.

Of these 8 seminars, two take place on our campuses in Toulouse, Barcelona or Paris, offering Chinese learners immersion at the heart of European campuses.

Due to the health challenges of recent years, learners from Jinan University have not been able to return to our campuses since 2019. Their return to Europe, marked by the campus tour, is therefore a first since the pandemic.

After a graduation ceremony celebrating the success of their predecessors, they began their journey on the new Barcelona campus, then continued on to France to discover how local businesses operate, before concluding their visit on the Paris campus.

This fruitful international partnership, which has lasted for over 13 years, continues to be a success for both institutions in promoting this high-level programme.

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