Business schools offer several tracks to their students, and the Master in Management is usually one of their key programs. At TBS, it is much more than a standard management program.

Here are the 5 top reasons why you should choose TBS Master in Management program.

tbs mim 5 reasons

TBS Education is one of the 1% business schools holding the triple crown worldwide. It has been attributed the AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS accreditations for many years now. The triple crown offers a global international recognition to the school.

TBS excellence of the faculty, dynamic international approach and active partnership with companies meet the highest international standards. These characteristics are also very imperative for the French CCG (Conférence des Grandes Ecoles) label. TBS Education holds this prestigious label awarded to the best business schools in France.

TBS Education is an International Business School established in France, Spain and Morocco. Founded in the South of France, in Toulouse, the institution offers a wide range of high-quality courses in business.

Thanks to its specific assets, the TBS Master in Management program is regularly listed in the best international rankings such as the Financial Times ranking. It is also recognized in France: 2nd place in the MOCI, 10th place in the Challenges ranking and much more.

This Master in Management gives you the opportunity to stay at up to 3 of our campuses during your studies. You can keep the TBS Education pedagogical excellence, dynamic atmosphere and outstanding support while discovering 3 different cities and actually live in these cities for a semester or a year.

Choose where you want to start your professional journey: Toulouse or Barcelona.

tbs mim multi campus

With TBS Master in Management, define your own path. We understand that our students can have different aspirations and we value your desire to choose your own track.

Our Career Services provides you with guidance along your journey with TBS. You can customize your course of study to give you the best chance of achieving your career goals when you graduate.

2 Lenghts & 3 program structures

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  1. In 2 years / Become quickly an expert and get your Master in Management in two years. With a 6 month-internship each year, you will graduate with already 1 year of professional experience.
  2. In 3 years / Get your degree in 3 years by tacking the optional gap year after a 3 month-internship in Year 1.
  3. In 3 years / Add your optional gap year right after your 2nd study semester of Year 1. This allows you take advantage of a long gap year.

During the first year, you will learn global management concept and develop soft skills. To deepen your knowledge on specific topics that inspire you, we are offering a wide range of electives courses on topics such as:

  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Business Analytics
  • Big data
  • International business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Audit & controlling

This second year of studies is giving you the opportunity to foster your knowledge, gain more experience and become an expert in the business field you have selected in wide range of possibilities.

At the end of this program, you will get between 9 months and 2 years of professional experience depending on the track you chose.

Not only does TBS Education offers more than 100 double degrees possibilities, but all of its students are actually studying to pass a double degree. As it is something very special and valuable, we thought we had to put this fact as one of the top reasons to choose TBS Master in Management.

How does it work? On top of your Master in Management degree, you can choose another degree from more than 100 possibilities available, with dedicated selection processes.

2 options for your second degree:

At TBS, you benefit from the support of the Career Services which helps you define you career plan, find an internship, and land the job that inspires you when you graduate.

The educational approach of the Master of Management program helps you prepare for the business world. Courses are taught by a mix of 50% PhDs and 50% industry experts.

Companies have well understood the value of TBS master of Management program. 95% of our students find a job within 4 months after graduation.

5 reasons to choose the MiM