TBS Education ranks fourth in the HappyIndex®AtSchool 2023 ranking, with a satisfaction score of 8.54, a recommendation rate of 85%, and has been awarded the HappyIndex®AtSchool ranking label.

The importance of students’ well-being within their school is crucial, and is widely represented in this ranking dedicated to students on the Master in Management and Bachelor in Management programs. The aim of this ranking is to assess in depth the quality of the academic and social experience offered to students enrolled on these programs.

As such, it highlights TBS Education’s commitment to placing student satisfaction and happiness at the heart of its educational programs, underlining the importance placed on the overall fulfillment of learners within these programs.


ChooseMyCompany oversees the HappyIndex®AtSchool label, which places the criteria of social performance and student fulfillment at the heart of its evaluation of schools. To obtain this label, three criteria must be met: participation rate, average satisfaction and recommendation rate. This recognition highlights the reality experienced within the school, as only students are asked to fill out the questionnaire.

The questionnaire covers a range of topics:

  • Student life
  • Confidence in the future
  • Teaching methods
  • Relationships with companies
  • Environment (CSR)
  • Learning environment

The HappyIndex®AtSchool ranking highlights the schools preferred by students, where the study experience is enjoyable. However, to guarantee the reliability and representativeness of their performance, the rate of participation in the survey and recommendation rate are taken into account.

The HappyIndex®AtSchool ranking is calculated by means of a 21-question questionnaire that each student can fill out as part of a survey carried out by his or her school. This questionnaire generates two values:

  • The average of the 21 questions, expressed as a score out of 5
  • A recommendation rate, representing the percentage of students who answered “somewhat agree” or “completely agree” to the question “I would recommend my school to a friend”.


The Happy at School ranking and label reflect the reality of student life. In this year’s ranking, they specifically reflect the commitment to CSR on the Bachelor and Master 1 & 2 Grande École Programs of 2021/2022. Following massive student participation, several points of satisfaction are often cited.

90.8% of students are satisfied with the school’s environmental commitment

86.4% are satisfied with the societal and environmental issues integrated into teaching

85.3% are satisfied with the school’s community life, which is rich in extra-curricular projects

89% would recommend TBS Education to friends and family

Here are a few comments from students to illustrate the point:

“CSR and sustainable development courses”.
“The richness and variety of extracurricular activities, which are very formative”.
“The climate certification, which gives all students the opportunity to develop their knowledge of climate change issues”.
“The school’s good atmosphere”.
“The school’s ‘family’ atmosphere, both among students and with the teaching staff”.
“Commitments: CSR, equality, women, men…”
“The innovative teaching methods used and the fact that CSR is an integral part of the school’s values”.
“My school’s professional network and commitment to the environment and society”.

This recognition highlights the school’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), involving students and faculty alike.


TBS Education strives to be an increasingly inclusive school, placing the encouragement of equal opportunities and the strengthening of social openness at the heart of its societal concerns. Our school is committed to providing students with an environment conducive to an accessible and serene education.

TBS Education has plans for bold and inspiring development, with the ambition of becoming a benchmark in terms of educational well-being, enhancing the employability of its learners, and maximizing its societal impact on its region. To achieve these goals, TBS Education relies on innovative campuses, an expert and renowned faculty, new training and employability models, and a strengthened international presence.

To ensure a first-class learning environment while underlining its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), TBS Education continues to reinvent itself in line with current requirements. The school’s students develop within eco-responsible campuses that create an ideal setting to stimulate individual transformation while ensuring an optimal learning experience for students.

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