TBS Center of Excellence on CSR and Sustainable Development led by Soumyadeb Chowdhury has been successful to secure French National Research Agency (ANR) funding MRSEI 2021, for setting up European or/and International Scientific Networks in the field of Sustainable and Equitable Development.

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Facilitate sustainable development for small and medium-sized enterprises

The aim of the network will be to work under this theme and develop research that will investigate strategies, interventions and policies to facilitate sustainable development for small and medium-sized enterprises in France and across Europe.

This will be achieved responding to and consolidating the critical areas on Climate Emergency, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Equality, Diversity and Inclusiveness, Digital Connectedness.

These themes are aligned to UN Sustainable Agenda, UN Post Covid Recovery Research Priorities, and World Economic Forum green and lean initiatives.

As a key outcome of the MRSEI 2021 grant, the center will further develop the consortium, apply for two H2022 research funding partnering with multiple stakeholders on Green Action and Inclusive Resilience, through multi-disciplinary lens of research generating tangible solutions for the pressing Grand Challenges of this century.

TBS CSR & Sustainable Center of excellence

The consortium formed by the TBS Center of excellence currently comprises of more than 12 countries, 20 institutions and 50 researchers from across six continents.

Headed by the TBS Dean of Research, our CSR Center of Excellence influences our institution via adapted courses, innovative research projects as well as practical actions to stimulate on-campus sustainability and diversity, which even reach our student associations.

Soumyadeb Chowdhury