• Toulouse, Paris, Barcelona, Casablanca
  • English, French
  • €36,900 for the entire 3-year period
  • Full Time

Do you want to create your own business? Well, it is possible at TBS Education! A recent survey shows that more than 12% of Bachelor students create their own business.


From the start of the program, TBS Education makes every effort to encourage initiative and creativity. Students with an entrepreneurial spirit will find the Bachelor program an ideal environment to bring their project to fruition as well as develop a tool that equips student for success.

During the bachelor program students will have access to:

  • A center dedicated to entrepreneurship
  • An educational incubator
  • An opportunity to major in Entrepreneurship
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Camille Raymond

“I joined the TBS Education incubator during my 3rd year of studies at the TBS Education Bachelor’s in management program. I was of course trained in business creation, as well as received additional support. TBSeeds is an excellent booster and an ideal framework to grow your startup. It allowed me to create a strong network, which was essential for our development.”

A Bachelor graduate in 2014, he founded Yestudent, the biggest digital alternative to youth hostels. The company has raised 1.5 million euros from tech giants and has grown in 30 countries.

Business Starter: a center dedicated to business creation

A whole center dedicated to entrepreneurship! The Business Starter offers individual and collective support services to launch and enable the development of young start-ups.

The TBSeeds incubator

Workshops, coaching, contacts with experts, partners, and potential funders, TBSeeds offers an ideal setting to welcome students with clear business idea! TBS Education allows projects within its incubator to enter an international competition within the Babson Collaborative Entrepreneurship.

Specific courses

Do you already have a business concept in mind? Opt for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies major. Students can study this major during their 2nd year in Casablanca or they can opt for the Entrepreneurship major and study their 3rd year in Barcelona!