Undergraduate & Graduate Courses on International Business

The TBS Education study tours in Toulouse are education programs which provide international students from partner universities with the opportunity to take undergraduate or graduate level courses at TBS Education. The duration of the study tour as well as the topic of study is defined by the University Partner.

Most courses are credit bearing and focus on the current trends and fundamentals in the field of international business management. Our experts incorporate artificial intelligence and big data and how these concepts are impacting companies in local industries such as the aerospace and biomedical fields and transforming their business models.

Students participating to a study tour have the added advantage of studying in a foreign country. These students will acquire a competitive advantage as they improve their language skills, learn to communicate across cultures and overcome challenges linked to staying in another country.

TBS Education also strives to enhance their perspective in business management, deepen their social understanding as well as promote critical thinking and personal development.


Financial Risk Management in European Banking

Management in a European Context

Airbus and the Aerospace Industry in Toulouse

Marketing Practices in Europe

Managing in Europe

University Partners for Study Tours

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For more information about our TBS Education study tours, please contact us by email: international.tbs [@] tbs-education.fr