Are you interested in pursuing a Bachelor in Management degree? Look no further than TBS Education in Toulouse or Paris, France. 

With a reputation for academic excellence and a commitment to global perspectives, TBS Education is the perfect choice for students seeking a top-tier education in management. 


In this article, we will explore five reasons why TBS Education stands out from other programs and why it should be at the top of your list when considering a Bachelor in Management.

From its rigorous academic curriculum to its vibrant student community, TBS Education has something to offer for everyone. So let’s dive in and discover what makes TBS Education the ideal destination for students seeking a Bachelor in Management.


1 - High-Quality Education at TBS Education: a pathway to success in management

When considering a Bachelor in Management program, academic rigor and excellence should be at the top of your list. At TBS Education, we offer a world-class education that prepares students for successful careers in the management field. Our program is designed to challenge and inspire students, with a curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving, and practical application


Our faculty are experts in their fields, bringing real-world experience and cutting-edge research to the classroom. Additionally, we offer a wide range of resources to support student learning, including state-of-the-art facilities, study groups, and tutoring services.


In addition, our school is consistently ranked in the TOP 10 of French Business Schools and is among the 1% of world leading business schools to hold the international ‘Triple Crown Accreditation’ (EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB).

At TBS Education, we are committed to providing our students with the best possible education to ensure their success in the competitive world of management.

2 - Global Perspective: explore the world with TBS Education's Bachelor in Management program

A global perspective is essential for success in today’s interconnected world. That’s why we offer a Bachelor in Management program that emphasizes international experiences and cross-cultural learning. 


Our student body is diverse, with more than 40% of international students and students from over 80 countries, creating a dynamic and multicultural learning environment. 

Additionally, we offer a range of international opportunities, including study abroad programs and internships, allowing students to explore different cultures and gain valuable professional experience.

3 - Career Readiness: launch your career with a Bachelor in Management program

We understand that preparing for a career is a top priority for our students, and we provide a range of resources to support their professional development: 


  • Our career counseling services;
  • Broad networking opportunities;
  • Alumni connections to help students build a strong professional network and gain valuable insights into the job market (we have a network of more than 51 000 alumni worldwide);
  • Apprenticeship possible to gain professional experience while studying;
  • Many internships and consulting projects throughout the 3 years of study.

Our purpose is to prepare our students for success in the competitive job market and we are proud of our graduates’ achievements in management careers around the world.


4 - Vibrant Campus life: explore the rich culture of Toulouse and Paris

Immersing oneself in a vibrant campus culture can be an enriching part of the university experience. Our Bachelor in Management program is available on our Toulouse and Paris campuses, both of which boast a rich history and culture. 


In Toulouse, students can explore the city’s medieval architecture, charming streets, and renowned cuisine, while in Paris, students can immerse themselves in the world’s most visited city, with its rich history, cultural landmarks, and iconic sites.

Beyond the cultural offerings of these two cities, our campuses themselves offer a range of student clubs and organizations, sports teams, and cultural events, allowing students to explore their interests and meet new people from around the world. At TBS Education, we are aware that a well-rounded university experience is crucial to our students’ personal and professional growth, and our vibrant campus life is just one way we strive to make that happen.


5 - Entrepreneurial Focus: foster your creativity and ambition with a Bachelor in Management degree

Entrepreneurship is a key driver of innovation and economic growth. That’s why our program places a strong emphasis on fostering students’ creativity and ambition, with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. Our faculty members bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the classroom, while our curriculum emphasizes practical skills such as business planning, marketing, and finance.


But it’s not just in the classroom where our students can foster their entrepreneurial spirit. There is a range of extracurricular activities, such as business competitions, entrepreneurship clubs, and mentorship programs, that allow students to gain hands-on experience and connect with like-minded individuals.

At TBS Education, we believe that an entrepreneurial mindset is a valuable asset, whether our students go on to start their own businesses or pursue careers in management.

Choosing our Bachelor in Management program will give you the opportunity to develop your creativity and ambition, gaining the skills and knowledge needed to make your mark on the world.

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