At TBS Education, it is our objective to train high potential managers who are capable of understanding our complex world, yet who also have ethical and humane values, and a proven ability to take action and innovate.
This charter commits the entire TBS Education community (students and staff) to unite around our four values: boldness, enthusiasm, openness and ethics.

TBS Education: a key environmental player

In this charter, TBS Education declares its intention to pursue a global ethical policy. Through its commitments to the UN Global Compact and PRME (Principles for Responsible Management), TBS wishes to involve students and staff in a continuous improvement process to integrate environmental, social and societal questions into all decision making processes. Within their sphere of influence, each person has the opportunity to increase their positive impact on society.

Through its teaching and research activities, TBS Education supports the need for creating shared values for the business world and society as a whole in order to move towards sustainable development. TBS Education encourages debate between students, teachers, businesses and stakeholders in society, on issues of accountability and sustainability.

TBS Education is committed to participating in community projects throughout France. It actively encourages students to volunteer to help communities, to take part in student projects, and get involved in activities promoting social diversity such as the “Cordées de la Réussite.”
TBS listens to the expectations of its priority stakeholders: businesses, students, and the economic and scientific community. Dialogue with stakeholders is encouraged in all its forms in order to improve TBS decision making.

Relations within TBS Education

TBS Education encourages harmonious relationships within the student community, faculty and administration. TBS Education is keen to foster the personal and professional development of each member of its community through an intellectually stimulating and pleasant working environment.

Relations within TBS Education are based on respect, consideration for others, courtesy, and the protection of privacy.

Aware of the rich cultural diversity of its members, whether through age, gender, education, personal and professional history, or origin, TBS is committed to enhancing the diversity of its staff and its students. TBS Education believes that diversity, in all its forms, is a catalyst for reflection (Think) and a source of creativity (Create).
Each person will pay particular attention to fighting against all forms of discrimination, and to promoting gender equality and disability issues.

Freedom of teaching and research is at the heart of TBS Education, as is the responsibility of TBS Education as an institution towards society. The development of critical thinking is encouraged in its teaching. Students and staff should have the freedom to express any opinion provided it is in keeping with respect for others, their opinions and the law.

TBS Education commits to consulting and taking into consideration the opinions of its members, which are collected regularly and through specific committees.

Integrity and intellectual honesty

TBS Education encourages scientific research with integrity and accountability based on the intellectual honesty of researchers, compliance with current legal regulations and intellectual property. Scientific rigor and integrity should particularly apply to obtaining, recording, validating, analysing, communicating and result verifying data. Confidentiality agreements must be strictly observed.

All sources, references and intellectual contributions should be cited accurately in the work of researchers, students and members of the administration. Plagiarism and breach of intellectual property are forbidden.

Funds for public or private research should be used solely for the intended purpose.

Members of the TBS Education community are committed to acting loyally towards the institution, in accordance with the rules of confidentiality.

TBS Education is committed to being vigilant to potential “conflicts of interest” between the personal interests of its members or their families, and their work. Potential conflicts of interest should be declared to the management by the people concerned in order to investigate and resolve them forthwith.

TBS Education community members commit to not using the internet and especially social networks to spread misleading information, insults or defamatory remarks about others.

TBS Education’s environmental footprint

In its role as a member of the “Responsible Campus” initiative, TBS is committed to reducing its environmental footprint by:

  • Promoting all forms of “soft transport” (metro, carpooling, cycling) in order to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Developing waste collection (computers, cans, paper, printer cartridges, coffee cups, etc.) and recycling strategies with its partners, students and staff.
  • Using only paper from sustainably managed forests. 
  • Configuring its network printers’ default to double-sided printing.
  • Gradually reducing its energy consumption through turning off lights in offices and classrooms not being used.
  • Selecting environmentally and socially conscious providers.